Well Checks!

I am so grateful that our trips to see
our doctor are so few and far between.
We are blessed.
We went for yearly check-ups, not anticipating much.
We got great news, both boys appear to be doing great.
Joe is right in the middle of his height/weight chart
(even though he appears small to me}
Sam is still well above the average on his chart
but has flattened out some since last year.
He is happy with both boys in all areas 
and just recommended that we get up to date on
Whoa, Sam heard that and knows it means shots.
Insert the end of the happy mood you see here in pics.
This boys does not like shots.
 At all.
He was fine younger, but has gotten much worse.
And Joe follows suit.
She came in to give Sam his one booster shot
and it took me and two nurses some stern words
and a few panicked seconds later it was all over.
I had blood (from his nose that he made bleed b/c he was so mad) and slobber
on me and tears in my eyes because he said why would you let them do this to me.
Poor Joe, he was hiding under the exam table by this time.
I would be too.
He had to take 4 shots because even though he isn't going to K
this year he is nearly 5 and ready for that round of shots.
It was traumatic for him too, but he is much smaller and Im able 
to hold him down!

In the whole scheme of things, we are so lucky that this is the extent
of our doctor visits, so I am not complaining at all.

What struck me most of all was the kindness of the nurse, Amy, who was stern with Sam when she needed  to be but was then compassionate to me and the situation.  She knew I was doing all I could to calm him and was so kind to us.  It was much needed!

And then to wash away the bad day, we went to the movies.
We saw ICE AGE Continental Drift...it was so good and our 1st 3D movie.
The boys looked so cute in their 3D glasses.  
We loved it!