The day Nova came home...

DH bought a new toy today.
It is for the boys of course, ahem.
His desire for a Nova goes way back, like back to our dating years back.
But the last month of so, he's has really been looking (and convincing me).
It didn't take too much work to convince me,
 I notice all the old cars that pull thru McD  (next door at work)daily,
 and this one has seatbelts ready for my boys to ride, so I was in!

DH shared the details:
1975 Chevy Nova
350 motor 600 Holley Avenger Carb  TH 350 Trans
3.08 gears
open rear end, air shocks
70 series Mickey Thompson on front, 50 series on back

I'm  pretty sure that my van is just the T&C, it does not have all these descriptors, ha!
And I noticed these familiar features about the car, 
had fun remembering this style of ride from my early childhood

No a/c, but an awesome vent system

See the white knob, that opens the vents
roll the window down (literally)

I walked around the back of the car and said, I know these hinge for a reason (but couldn't remember)

The gas cap!  I know my parents Monte Carlo was like this

My 1975 model man in his 1975 model Nova.
So happy for you DH that you have a life size toy!

We are working on a name.
Right now it is Papa Smurf....pending a paint job!