New Spaces

The boys got new spaces a few weeks ago.
New dresser spaces that is...
they aren't new to us, but very new and very 'I have my own' to the boys
so they are perfect.

We tried out this bed arrangement during the winter and 
they both love it.  Joe loves small spaces and so the bottom bed is perfect for him
and I often find them playing (ahem or sleeping) in the space remaining under the top bunk.
This bed was my brothers and then mine when we were little and I'm not ready for any
(color) changes to it...so I hesitated to put white furniture in here,
but I like the way it brightened up the room!

I had much help along the was from boys who chose which books
and clothes to purge!  The dresser behind Sam and the plastic bins were
our clothing storage before and they have served us well.
The bins will find another home with us I am certain and the dresser
I bought for Sam's nursery but it isn't made well so who knows!!

And we landed here.  I have a fabulous photo arrangement in mind for that wall,
and seeing it so blank here has my mind a moving!

We went from here

to here

and here

to here

Joe desperately wanted this dresser and Sam agreed
so he began arranging his treasures on top
{and they are ever growing and changing}

why yes, sam stole that picture of DH and I from our bedroom for his display.
Great child, eh?

And Joe thought it would only be fair to split the Guatemala tractor and wagon.
I want to forever remember these details.  They make me smile.

This makeover game me the chance to try the filing system for tshirts....perfect!

Small changes, but big impact...low dollar (ahem no dollar) update!!