Pizza and Drums

This boy has been so into cooking.
Not a bad trait for a boy to have!
He made us a pizza before church a couple sunday afternoons ago.

And we joined DH who was already at church practicing drums with the youth praise and worship team.  They played for Sunday evening service.  It was really good.
Boys love banging on those drums a bit before church!

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This week

So many big blessings in our last few weeks.
We've made time to see our nephew Tyson play football.
He looked so little (don't tell him I said that) cause he looked really tough, but
his skinny legs out those big pads on top - oh it was was fun to watch them tackle!

And my niece Jaelyn plays volleyball on the seventh grade team, even though she is in sixth grade.
Yeah, she takes after me, tee hee.

After Sam hurt his ankle, he had a slow start to basketball, but he is just in an ankle brace now
and his interest is much higher since he has been able to practice.  He comes home and sets the timer cause coach Jeff said to.  Last night, I was practicing with him and he said I was a little like dad and being tough on him but he liked it.

Be still my heart, this little man is so stylish.  He loves all things neon right now

We've had more evenings at the farm.  Cousin Dryce loves him some Sam.

And my farmer.  

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 so we walked





uncle larry


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Our favorite Garden Park.

We headed to our favorite spot
The Garden Park
to get our fall pumpkins and a special mum!
We had a really nice visit today
as they had a new baby boy whom I was able to hold
and also two new mini ponies 
My boys love.this.place.
They love playing with Daniel and Anna, and Judith, 
DH grew up with their mama Miriam and I went to grade school with her too!
I had fun watching Caleb play and hold new baby Jesse.
We stayed for almost and hour and tried not to outstay our welcome,
but we probably could have stayed longer!

We left with some pumpkins, straw, gourds and a mum
and whole lot of fun packed into a short visit!

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Cruise from the sidelines


Tonight was the annual cruise in in Washington.
We try to take the chance to take the NOVA since it is so close!
This year Grandpa Sam and DH drove the car in the cruise while
grandma Joe and I enjoyed the cars from the sidelines.

I told Joe to put his hand up to his ear when DH drove by, it worked
DH revved up the engine right by us!
We enjoyed dinner out to celebrate Grandma's birthday too!

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Joe's game

First he called it Dodge or Dare
which I thought was very clever, but then he changed it to Indian Maze, ha!
Joe made a board game with a little help from grandma who wrote out the instructions.
That was super nice but not sure totally necessary as the rules seemed to change while we played.
I stinking love his imagination.

The board, rules, army men for game pieces and dice from the magic set...and of course the "game" bag.
I could just squeeze him.

We played a good long while.  I am pretty sure I lost, several times.

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Harvest 2014

It's harvest season again.
These are the images that are rewarding and refreshing to see
when you are a farm family.
They also stir a bit of apprehension (from me) as the big equipment moves on the roadways.
Today after school, the boys and I took 'break' to the farm.
Break = Snack = Pop and homemade rice krispies.
And, if harvested by tomorrow, these beans could bring a 2.00/bushel premium
so these farmers set out to test these beans to see if they would be dry enough...

Grandpa running the test to see if they were dry enough

Grandpa-great came down to see what the verdict was...he reminded me that
it was tonight or not at all b/c they won't dry again until 2pm or later tomorrow, 
too late for market.

Both of these boys have a little farm fever and run towards an opportunity
to ride the combine, even in a boot.

Happy he is here and enjoying another harvest.

Handsome chicken
 Indiana Soybeans

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