School is going great so far this year.
The first nine weeks brought good reports for both boys
so I showed them my appreciation with after school treats last week.
Their faces light up when they saw their surprises!

We had fun with the easy cheese, a special treat at our house.
I was spelling WOW, but Joe was on the other side of the bar and asked why I was spelling MOM.
We laughed so hard
Sam has gotton very good at writing stories. 
 I love how most things are spelled right or phonetically correct. 

Joe is my artist, proud to display his fall creations

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Kindergarten so Far

Joe is settling into Kindergarten.
We went thru a little transition time where it seemed like every evening
he had a little meltdown.
We struggled with knowing what was causing his frustration,
but in the back of my mind I thought it might be just part of growing up.
And as quickly as it came, it also seems to be much better!
One thing he has enjoyed from the start is homework.
He does his assigned work and asks for more.
Love that.

He worked hard on this poster about his family.
He planned it all out in his mind for a few days before we sat down to draw it.
He wanted to tell about each of us and what we like
Dad - tractors
Mama - shopping (gasp)
Sam - basketball
Joe - Swimming
He drew our tall (?) house and Tiger Night
I was proud of his hard work.
Now one thing that has been hard for Joe is talking.
He loves to talk.
So we had some warnings come home...He begins the day at Right on Rhino
and one step down usually for talking or not following directions, etc
is Look Out Lion, he has brought a few of those home.  Never worse,but
never better until recently.  He has figured out that if he is quiet he might
get to move his clip up.  I love how his face light up when he was explaining this to us...so sweet.
He asked me a few weeks ago if he needed a behavior chart at home,
at the time he was having hard time and I told him he had enough to deal with at school,
but he has settled in and today he made his chart.
He chose construction paper that matched the chart at school
and copied all the levels, taped it together and found the perfect spot for it.

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Oct 25

 Tomorrow is a special day in our family
so tonight we began the celebration.
These boys love a reason to celebrate.
Sam loves a reason to bake
Joe loves a reason to draw a picture.
DH was pleased with his homemade cake.
We made a trip to rural king looking for a new winter coat,
but we did not find the one he was looking for.
We are so blessed by our hardworking
farm loving daddy.
Happy Birthday!

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No fear

There is much to learn from kids.
How much you can learn when you observe.
My kids are so very different.
This one plays it safe,
stays close to the ground where he feels safe
 and has less of a chance of his face going in the water {unplanned}
He always has his eye one me {or dad} always
He is determined
He smiles a lot, squeals even 
 Failure even made him laugh
 But he stuck with it made it all the way across
And then there is this sweet one in the orange.
He was almost too short.
But it did not matter, a little of a challenge, bring it on.

 He was stretched to the max, determined like his brother.

 one handed daredevil,
 but serious cause he was on a mission

And in true brother fashion when one was succeeding the other
gave him an extra challenge, bet they are both smiling from ear to ear.

They had very different styles...but
they weren't afraid of failure.
LOVE that.
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Sandy Fall Break 2013 - No Left Turn!

We headed south to our condo over fall break.
We were excited to go with our friends Melissa Kyleigh and Breanna.
We left at lunch on Wednesday and drove arriving around 1130 that night
Some of us were up early for sunrise and had a crafty session outside on the balcony.
I enjoyed the view

We headed to the grocery store and were back around noon, we swam in the pools for a bit before a late lunch

 And then we were toes in the sand for the rest of the day into early evening.
We closed down the beachside chairs
 Joe was much braver this fall.  DH will be so proud!
This kid would spend all day at the beach.  All day.

 We ate a late dinner at our fav Floyds, some playground time
and some new kites for the boys
We had already planned a shopping day and Friday it was.
It wasn't too crowded, and the kids did great...
with a little planning from the moms

 We had fun in a night swim, but no pics came of that.  We did glow necklaces and heard lots of squeals.  Pizza was devored poolside by the time it arrived!
Love this.
These kids have grown up together. 
Morning snuggle cartoon times

A storm before we arrived left the beach with seaweed and sea slugs at the start of the trip,
so we made a moat and collected them.  They were interesting.

 We buried Joe and built a little couch for the others.

I watched a wedding from our balcony before dinner, so pretty.

We had fun at HarbourWalk Village that evening

Breanna, Melissa, and Kyleigh
so glad to share life with these girls.
Love them!

Last night we had headed to dinner at Stewby's (like a coastal version of Dairy Master....yum) and on our way back we uh made a left turn when you shouldn't make a left turn.  A cop was behind us and used a loud bull horn to tell us otherwise.  We laughed so hard, so hard.  And No Left Turn became our go to answer for everything!!!!
Fall Break 2013 was amazing just as we had imagined it would be!

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