Time with Sammy

Tonight after dinner and dishes, daddy took Joe to take the camper back to our friends (thanks for letting us borrow it, Brent and Melissa) so Mama got some quality time with Sam.
I let him choose and it was CandyLand. It has been a month or two since we had it out. We played a lot before Joe came home but since he seems to reek havoc on the whole game playing. It was fun to refresh my memory on how good he is at this game. He is very skilled at the colors and the counting and understands very well the object of the game. So well, in fact that he said...
Sam: I am going to cheat you mama, as I got a card that put me ahead
Mama: {Gasp} Sam, where did you learn that? Do you understand what that means? {knowing full well that he doesn't understand the full meaning, but is certain that it might get him the ending he wants...went on to explain that God prefers us to be honest and how to be honest}
Sam: Ok, Mama. Can I be the yellow {the one who was ahead} man now?

Nonetheless, I was glad to play this classic game with Sam again tonight, to remember that he can follow directions, take turns, reconize & recite colors and make movements that have and ultimate goal. Not so proud to see that he has added the word cheat to his vocabulary

So tell me, do you use these times as teaching moments and how much do you persist? Or do we chalk it up to them being kids?


Smiles at Shakamak

We set up camp, talked, made a fire, watched kids explore, took walks, cooked hobos on the open fire, set up camp again {grin}, played at playgroud, rode bikes, wagon rides, set up camp for last time {wink,grin}, enjoyed fire, smores with papaw, mosquito bites, laughed, slept, woke early, men fished, made breakfast on open fire, walked in woods, picked up rocks, played cornhole, ate jelly, went swimming {brrr}, took naps, visit from family who stayed for supper, Terry's fish, steaks and corn on cob, full bellies and belly laughs, snuggles by fire, more smores and popcorn {wink} kids with flashlights, Joe's 1st camping trip, bike ride with Dryce {Kickapoo}, hammock, friendly racoon visit while we slept, chilly morning,more breakfast, walks, packed up, unloaded...pfew, worn out!
Tons of fun was had by all at our Shakamak State Park camping trip. We spent the weekend there with the Grabers. We are tired this afternoon, but it is a good fulfilled kinda tired.

This place was full of beautiful nature created by God to be enjoyed by man
...and that is what we did!


Hung Out

I got to hang out with these cuties today...

Volleyball Time

It's volleyball time! My nieces are both on the high school team this year and it is fun to watch them block together at the net.
Guess you will have to take my word on it b/c I tried my best to get a good photo and that is tough!
GO BLAKE AND MORGAN!!!! From your biggest little fans...

A New Look

So, it's time for a new look! I had a blog design by Nikki about 1 year ago and LOVED it! What an amazing girl working with orphans in Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Ethiopia. She designs blogs as a fundraiser and is making a push towards living in DR in May, so her fundraising begins. Hop on over and take a look at her work...desings are simple and very nice and she installs them!


Sunday at the Park

Miss Morgan (on the left in the train) organized an impromptu trip to the park on Sunday afternoon and it was a lot of fun! The surprise was this train that was running and gave the kids a fun ride for only a dollar!
Morgan(14), Joe (2), Sam and Drew (3&1/2), Jaelyn (6)
Of my train loving boys thought this ride was way to cool.

Drew and Jaelyn loved the tire swing

Joe loved the swing. Chris would push him back and he would giggle all the way back to
Blake (16).

And everybody loved the merry go round~
that is except the mamas watching. It made us dizzy!

Thanks everybody for this fun trip to the zoo. And thanks to the teenagers who were as excited about the trip as the little kiddos. You are all so special to our family.

Grandma's Kitties

Sam and Joe picked out a couple of kitties to take to Grandma's house on Monday. It was so sweet to see them tell her about them. Only one kitty in the photo b/c the other kitty ran straight up the tree!


Dinner & Decorating

Our family friends Brent Melissa and their 2 sweeties came to our house last Thursday. I had made meatloaf, enough for plenty and so it worked out great with our last minute planning! We had a nice evening dining, decorating, dealing, and doting.
DINING: Ready to give Thanks for our meal.
Good stuff.

DECORATING: Yep, this is what decorating consists of with two 2 year olds. These 2 are our instigators, good thing they did not come along first in the families... Breanna & Joe are quite the pair...
They decorated the car with sidewalk chalk.
It still looks quite nice, {i need to accidentally leave it out in the rain}

DOTING: That is just what we mom's do. It is fun to dote with Melissa. We can brag on our kids with each other. I don't feel bad about it, I like my kids and her kids and we like to talk about it!
Sweet Kyleigh (and Mala) - age 4&1/2

Super Sam & Mama's Lemonade - age 3&1/2

DEALING: That is the best way I know to describe it. This is the pair of dear hubbys (DH) that were full from dinner and parked in the recliners inside discussing and dealing. Not really buying things from each other, but just coming up with some sort of deal...some take over the world plan?!? Way to deep for me.



So, the other day we had gotton a fun meal for Sam. He was happily eating when I turned around to check on him I found this:
Yep, it is a pile of pickles on the counter. At that very moment, he bit into another pickle (not usual b/c I generally order them plain) and said.
"Mama, these tickles are lucky!"

Pretty sure he meant that his pickles were yucky, but I certainly got the point...but no other complaints, ate right on thru that sandwich like a pro. I remember when he had just began table food I tended to project my likes/dislikes onto what I would serve Sam. Someone reminded me that his tastes are different than mine. We have found a few foods that he likes that mama does not...but we are in agreement when it comes to pickles! Love you sweet little man!



We were here
and here

doing this

and this

and we finally came home together
to this...
Three years ago today, we finalized your adoption thru the Guatemalan courts at our embassy appointment. We had you in our arms for two days already, but it felt final. Later that day, Toni and Chris flew down to meet us in Guatemala. We spent the last couple of days waiting on your Visa and savoring our time together as a family.
Three years ago today, our dreams of becoming a family were a reality.
Thanks Sam for all you are to us.
Mama and Daddy

Home Sick Today

3 of us are home sick today.
No, you don't get to see me, but if my hair is any indication...


DH's new toy

DH got a new toy. Not as a reward for messing up my floorboards.
Last night we spent some time outdoors moving dirt from here to there (ie playing I think).
So, I loved this thing. Drives like a lawnmower, but feels a whole lot bigger. I might be sneaking out to play on it!
Waiting for their turns...

Sam was first

And Joe, too.

And Guato & Mala hopped around the yard as we enjoyed the cool summer evening. Perfect weather we are having!!


430 posts since August 2007.
I love this blogging thing.
Never run out of stories, or at least ones that I want to tell.
Doesn't mean you want to hear them...
Some posts are moving, life-changing, the things we could never forget.
Some posts are about our everyday life, the things I never want to forget.
Wonder what is in store for my next 70 posts?
We will let it unfold at God has it planned...


Oh, DH, you shouldn't have...

Really, you shouldn't have...

Thanks DH for washing the cars with us last night. They look nice.

But this does not look nice.
Not a good surprise this morning as I treked to work.

Insert {growl}.