Weekend reward!

Janurary brought a weekend away for DH and I! We spent the weekend at the Conrad in Indy. We have been treated for a few years now by WB and enjoy every minute. As much as we miss the boys it is refreshing for us too! The boys stayed with Blake and Noah all weekend and oh the stories! We laughed the night away at a comedy club in Broadripple...felt like college kids again! And my treat was a new keurig...i am blessed by my job. Happy to take a minute a reflect on that.


Joey D in January

Joey D has had a fun January,too!
He started Yball which is perfect for my social butterfly.
HE LOVES people and any event is social for Joe, LOL.
We were happy our buddy Brent was on our team.

So far, we have had practice, first game is Saturday.

And Joe's latest lost tooth was an event too...he wanted to
lose it at school so he could get a tooth box.
But, it was going to fall out and make him choke!
So DH took at look and pulled it before he knew.
That did not make him happy, but a quick text to Tiffany, the school nurse,
who reassured us we could have a box and pfew crisis averted.

The fairy left him $5, I know, inflation.

He celebrated the 100th day of school
(and was missing that bottom tooth)

Love him.  He said mom, when I got to school there were only 98 google eyes.
I said Oh no did you miscount the eyes and he said no mom, they must have fallen off...

Sam Chex Snax

We are gonna make all these recipes. 
We made some chex mix and it was close to my Aunt Cindy's 
well ok it wasn't really but we tried!  
We added some bugles and corn pops for sweetness and left out the nuts
cause Sam's doesn't care for those!

He sent some with Grandma and Grandpa who are gone to Florida
for a few days. They drove Grandpa Great and Larry down.
The chex mix was perfect according to Grandpa.

Graber Hill on the Lot

The man I married was an accountant.
But he was a farmer at heart.
And recently began driving the semi for the farm.
So I was brave and rode with my semi driving man.
And now I have a new appreciation for semis and their drivers!

The farm's semi is a circa 198something, probably not the most luxurious vehicle
and I got oil on my tennis shoe toes trying to keep them warm 
I wanted to touch all those switches, all of them
DH said I was as bad as Joe.
Both of the boys have ridden with daddy many times, they weren't near as nervous as I was.

We were hauling corn to GPC loaded with 60,000 pounds
and the pedal was to the medal and we topped out at...
As we pulled into GPC, which was ahmazing we radioed in saying
Graber Hill is on the lot.
We could hear the other farms radio in as they arrived with their load.
We weighed on the scale, then went around to unload the corn and weighed on the way out.
The place is like the size of a small city

Cool afternoon with my semi driving man!


Sam's burgers Game Night

We had game night over break too.
Blake and Noah came over to eat some of Sam's Sliders
and we played some games, too.

Joe and I made some dirt pudding cause Blake and Noah like it

We played spoons until Joe cried,
it didn't end bad but it was pretty competitive

And we all died laughing at the boys trying to play twister

Love this selfie,
I mean dannie
because everyone knows that if DH is in the selfie it is a dannie.
seriously love it.

It started in Kindergarten

I pulled out this Kindergarten photo when I was organizing pictures.
DH and I had the same homeroom teacher for K-5.
I didn't remember that we were beside each other in the picture.
Aunt Jill is on the top row.
I posted on FB and IG

Closet Love

We have an extra closet in our bedroom, I know, extra right!
I have not know the best use for it since we moved in
and really didn't plan this project much ahead but it turned out great!

I asked DH to build me shelves in here instead of a hanging rack.
I just wasn't using the closet very effectively.

So we headed to papaw's garage shop
Blake's cedar chest is getting the cedar put in

And SIL Shannon is getting a new coat area

And grandma is getting an old hutch remade,
winter farmers sure can be handy (with a dose of patience)

I am not ashamed to show you what I pulled it, it didnt look quite that bad in the closet but 
it did need to be sorted and or donated!

Our photo albums finally have a home!  Yeah

And the boys memory boxes for school papers. Joe could look at this box once a month
He is a sucker for memories.

Big Splash Big Luck

We went to Big Splash with
some of our Best Friends over break.
And we went on the busiest day of the year.
I am certain because it was the last day to use discount coupons for 2014.
But, that is where our luck began for the day...
as we arrived I had 4 tickets and we needed 3 more.
We went to purchase them and she said we have you covered!!
What, yep, they had some coupons left there from folks not using them.
So 7 of us played all day for 40!
We found some seats with folks from church, but did move eventually 
because it was super hot in the pool area.
The kids didn't notice the crowd and Katie and I were talking too much let it bother us!

We enjoyed pizza for lunch!

And then some more luck.
We were in line to cash in tickets and a guy gave us free tickets to redeem
and more coins to play!  Super!

Just for good measure, since it was a day of good luck
He gave us exactly 20 coins...4 for each kid.
And to top it off I stopped by the 4H grounds on the way home to pay memberships
and what did we learn?  The council paid our registration fee this year.
A day of luck I tell ya- it would have been lucky anyway
catching up with Katie and kids is always worth it!