Big Splash Big Luck

We went to Big Splash with
some of our Best Friends over break.
And we went on the busiest day of the year.
I am certain because it was the last day to use discount coupons for 2014.
But, that is where our luck began for the day...
as we arrived I had 4 tickets and we needed 3 more.
We went to purchase them and she said we have you covered!!
What, yep, they had some coupons left there from folks not using them.
So 7 of us played all day for 40!
We found some seats with folks from church, but did move eventually 
because it was super hot in the pool area.
The kids didn't notice the crowd and Katie and I were talking too much let it bother us!

We enjoyed pizza for lunch!

And then some more luck.
We were in line to cash in tickets and a guy gave us free tickets to redeem
and more coins to play!  Super!

Just for good measure, since it was a day of good luck
He gave us exactly 20 coins...4 for each kid.
And to top it off I stopped by the 4H grounds on the way home to pay memberships
and what did we learn?  The council paid our registration fee this year.
A day of luck I tell ya- it would have been lucky anyway
catching up with Katie and kids is always worth it!

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