Closet Love

We have an extra closet in our bedroom, I know, extra right!
I have not know the best use for it since we moved in
and really didn't plan this project much ahead but it turned out great!

I asked DH to build me shelves in here instead of a hanging rack.
I just wasn't using the closet very effectively.

So we headed to papaw's garage shop
Blake's cedar chest is getting the cedar put in

And SIL Shannon is getting a new coat area

And grandma is getting an old hutch remade,
winter farmers sure can be handy (with a dose of patience)

I am not ashamed to show you what I pulled it, it didnt look quite that bad in the closet but 
it did need to be sorted and or donated!

Our photo albums finally have a home!  Yeah

And the boys memory boxes for school papers. Joe could look at this box once a month
He is a sucker for memories.

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