Joey D in January

Joey D has had a fun January,too!
He started Yball which is perfect for my social butterfly.
HE LOVES people and any event is social for Joe, LOL.
We were happy our buddy Brent was on our team.

So far, we have had practice, first game is Saturday.

And Joe's latest lost tooth was an event too...he wanted to
lose it at school so he could get a tooth box.
But, it was going to fall out and make him choke!
So DH took at look and pulled it before he knew.
That did not make him happy, but a quick text to Tiffany, the school nurse,
who reassured us we could have a box and pfew crisis averted.

The fairy left him $5, I know, inflation.

He celebrated the 100th day of school
(and was missing that bottom tooth)

Love him.  He said mom, when I got to school there were only 98 google eyes.
I said Oh no did you miscount the eyes and he said no mom, they must have fallen off...