Graber Hill on the Lot

The man I married was an accountant.
But he was a farmer at heart.
And recently began driving the semi for the farm.
So I was brave and rode with my semi driving man.
And now I have a new appreciation for semis and their drivers!

The farm's semi is a circa 198something, probably not the most luxurious vehicle
and I got oil on my tennis shoe toes trying to keep them warm 
I wanted to touch all those switches, all of them
DH said I was as bad as Joe.
Both of the boys have ridden with daddy many times, they weren't near as nervous as I was.

We were hauling corn to GPC loaded with 60,000 pounds
and the pedal was to the medal and we topped out at...
As we pulled into GPC, which was ahmazing we radioed in saying
Graber Hill is on the lot.
We could hear the other farms radio in as they arrived with their load.
We weighed on the scale, then went around to unload the corn and weighed on the way out.
The place is like the size of a small city

Cool afternoon with my semi driving man!

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