More Summer Days!

More summer days and it has been a hot and dry one for the most part means more pool days.
Blake pulled Sam in this day so he swam in his clothes. 
Many giggles from that.
We talked baby names and summer plans this day, cherish those times!
And the next day was spent with sis - Dan and the boys went fishing with the Memerings.
Morgan had a hair trial and turned her rings in to be put together {forever}

Sunday afternoon, Will and Jill came over after their vacation to Lake of the Ozarks.
Pax and Mason came after practice as well.
Love having a pool full!

Sam wouldn't leave Will alone and he is getting harder to handle, left them both laughing!

These 3 bomber musketeers. 
Good days, the best of summer!

Celebrating America

Our 4th of July was low key with NO plans
but plenty of fun things to make memories and fill in-between.
After work on Saturday before the 4th, we ate supper with Greg and Lela
and had fun playing with Tori and Dylan (and their toys)

Neighbors Jeff and Sally and their daughter came over and we did some fireworks!

This picture cracks me up, Joe is relaxed!
We snuck in a trip to our friends cabin in Washington after this - we stayed out until the wee hours of the morning and we had the tired kids in church the next morning!
But, we had a great time visiting with friends.
Sunday was back to relaxing, Joe and I by the pool
everyone else had plans.
We did some hit stick, which I am not good at!
Sam, Dan and Noah went out on the golf course.
It was Sam's second trip out and of course he loved it.

Monday was the 3rd and it was back to work for this crew - of course we made the best of it!
We dressed festive and ate some DQ dilly bars to boot!
The boys left Monday morning with Grandma and Grandpa and the grands
for a trip to a St. Louis game.

We found them in the bleacher seats on TV,  Grandpa is right behind the white hat in the middle of the screen and Joe is 2 to the left - ha fun times.
They stayed for fireworks after the game and rode the train back over  to IL where their hotel was...
they had a great time.
We relaxed on the 4th and waited for our boys to come home - and THIS happened
my beloved 5 year old pool float bit the dust.
The seams came apart and I sewed it once...but then it ripped again the the pool.
Just imagine me the pool float and 1000s of white beads.
We all swam once the boys made it home
And had some energy left for a 4th festival in Odon.
DH helped fry elephant ears and the boys and I milled around.
Everything was free and we (I while they played 9 square)
 stood in this line for 1hr15min for a snow cone.

The fireworks were very worth it.

We had a great 4th celebrating America!


Morgan Ann's Bridal Shower!

Morgan Ann's Bridal Shower!
July 1 for a brunch at her church_
and while it happened on a morning when I worked, it wanted to help out as much as I could!
We all gathered late on Friday night, 9pm after their VBS was over to be exact
and quickly had things decorated and ready for her shower the next morning!
Displaying the sewing table that we restored together!

Silly J and the rest of the set up crew!

Food table all ready for the goods.
Her amazing aunt did her food for her and Blake and Chris gathered the sweet stuff!

The vintage suitcase was my mom's and I love using it,
I just had to dump my doll clothes out of it #childatheart.
We borrowed the chalkboard and clipped a flower to personalize it!

My sweet sister nieces!
Look at that spread!
And Jean made Morgan her own bride cake, just an extra special touch!

Those engagements pics, tho!
Waylee, Morgan and Abby sweet childhood friends
Morgan had a great shower and received many gifts to get started in her new home with Ethan!
49 days {a few less now!}


Summer Rolls On!

The last of the schedule snapshots sent to our runner Grandma - I bet she is loving July - no more of these full days!

And this dear soul.  Would you take a look at that sweet thing running grandma's weedeater
in his {slightly} too small muscle shirt and gum boots?
I love these pics taken while I am at work.

And DH squeezed in a project with Cole.
He wanted to surprise his girlfriend with a new cedar chest, and while the finished project is distressed white and I don't have a picture - I still wanted to document that he and Cole did great on Cole first big wood project!
And we finished up a new product reset at work and I am loving the uniform look of the new product line!
And this.
Our dear cousin Brittany has been a pretty sick girl this summer
and it all came on pretty sudden about 3 weeks ago.
We love her and her family - were able to squeeze in a great visit at Riley with them
and also now that they have been home.  
It is an encouragement to visit them - despite her meds and oxygen they carry on 
{were watching scary movies when I stopped out on Saturday night like teenagers do}
We are prayerful that God will prepare her body for a transplant as her mom shares below.

Much summer work is fit in between the crops
Grandma and Grandpa poured a new driveway and these guys worked to fill in the sides.
Sam looks so old in this picture.  He worked hard.

And didn't miss an opportunity to practice to basketball when we got home that afternoon.
That hip-barn-roof-three-point line is coming in handy {wink}!
And since it was mom's day off, Joe had a project lined up for her...hanging up his most treasured items.  He had them all laid out and ready!

And just in case you wondered where that baseball champ ring ended up...
it is being guarded by some fierce creatures.
We are always fitting in a swim here and there.
Joe and I played dive sticks this day.
Nothing that I love more than a relaxing few minutes in the water with ma' boys!
We celebrated Andre's 15th birthday with him a the city pool.
They has swam just the right amount of time when a storm came thru and forced us all together in the building -perfect time for presents and snacks!