Turkey Day Getaway: Day 1

We worked hard to get to the condo for a few days this week!
Tuesday looked like this: School, Work, Farm, Sign Land Loan Papers,
Sam away game at WRV THEN we left for Florida.  
Yep, we left after Sam's 6th grade game.
Mom (the girl) thought MAYBE we could leave after school and miss one game.
Dad (the guy) and Sam (the player) informed me we don't miss games unless it is really necessary...
and he had a great game so I would have hated to miss it!
We headed south and I rested while DH drove until 1:30 when we reached Alabama and then I drove until 4:30 while Dan slept and we stopped to change drivers...we rolled in at Sunrise
and that first glimpse was so relaxing!  
It made our unconventional trip down very worth it!
 The boys slept nearly the entire trip down, ate zero snacks or drinks
so they were up for the day while mom and dad relaxed a bit.
Ahem, dad slept.
This is where they spend their time in the condo - always here together.  Love.

I finally got moving and was very thankful for the coffee stash in the owner's closet!

Mid morning, we headed down to get our beach fix.  

 It was cool and cloudy but we still could not resist.
It was still 30 degrees warmer than home!
 And my toes were in the sand.

 It was freezing in my opinion, but it did not matter.  There were others in the water.
We decided they were also from Indiana (wink)

 We headed up to the heated pool and the sun ALMOST came out.
It was much warmer by the pool (less ocean breeze)
 DH joined us and we enjoyed the day away!
He grilled us some burgers while Joe and I went to the grocery store.
Delicious beach side lunch!
 Our evening was full of racing, a favorite and a must!
New this year was the slick track!
And Joe was warned twice for his aggressive driving on the family track, ha!
 This guy passed all the other single cars to get up to Dad and Joe in the double cars.
I love watching them and giving a recap.
 We tried a new restaurant (to us).  We loved the atmosphere.

 I tried Lobster Mac and Cheese - delicious!
And DH had Snapper that reminded him of Barlean's Fishery in WA!
 And we ended up right back where we began.  
Melt my heart!
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Patti and Mr. Bill's, KY

This place needs it's own Zip Code, so I just created that title!
We checked into our overnight hotel and found them ready for Christmas.
Their staff's spirits were just as friendly and they had warm cookies and popcorn for afternoon snack!

Relaxed a bit and headed to the restaurant for our reservations
and I wanted this picture and that but I got this, the back of them.
When food is ahead, there is not a detour for 3 guys.

But, then checked in with food certain in the future,
they stopped for a couple pics for mom.

Joe the arsty photog turns his camera when he takes shots, love it.

I waited to book our weekend until Christmas decor was up and it did not disappoint.
This small alcove in the restaurant has 6 trees! 

 Gorgeous decor and the wait staff was so prompt, our tea in mason jars
never ran dry!
 Most people come for the 2 in thick pork chop and it also did not disappoint!
 Sam and It shared a steak and shrimp special, he wanted those apples, also a favorite of his.
A bread baked in a flower pot with homemade strawberry butter, this restaurant was at the top for Sam.

He enjoyed the Christmas lights a lot.  He kept asking to go see this and take that picture.
Joe and dad joined us after they put our leftovers in the van!

 Then it was time for the Badgett Playhouse producation,
excellent.  We were not sure what it would be like, but it was VERY enjoyable.

This number about the grinch was very funny!

 And keeping it real, this is what it looks like riding home with a  preteen boy.
He found it VERY funny!

Love the weekend with my little family, thanks Mrs. Jones!

Land Between the Lakes, KY

Sweet Morgan gifted me with a gift card for a weekend at Patti and Mr. Bills in KY.
We had a hotel stay, dinner voucher, and tickets to the theater.
I was very excited to redeem the gift certificate, deliberate time with my family - yes, please!
I booked our room and dinner back in late August, thank goodness the place was jammed since it was one of their 1st weekends decorated for Christmas.
Our family has been here a couple of other times and enjoyed the restaurants and ATV trails.
We arrived mid day and showed the boys the locks and dams,
we tried to see one in action but it was Saturday so no were operating.

 Look how cold that water looks, brrrrr.
It was a windy day with a chill in the air, afternoon was warmer!

 We found a BBQ place for lunch that all 3 boys loved, I'd rather have a salad, ha!
Then we headed south to find the Elk and Bison reserve, as soon as I saw this sign I remembered driving thru with Scott and Chris's kids years ago.

We had a slow trek thru the loop, we stopped for some Elk
that were very far off... but then we rounded the corner
and caught a glimpse of Bison thru the trees.
Awesome, we hoped we would see 4 - ok, that was me.
I was thinking that maybe 3 or 4 would live in this reserve...

And then we saw many like 20 and they were CLOSE>
they are very used to the vehicles.

Like right outside our windows with no zoom close!

Allow me to try to set this up to remember the laughter forever...
we had just passed this large herd, you can see them in this shot...
so what I mean is I could still see them and they were headed in our direction...
 Joe wanted to read about them so we jumped out of the safety of our minivan (safe)
into the open air (not safe) - he was reading the information to me when all of the sudden
I hear a snuffing and roaring noise and I thought we were gonners...
like seriously nothing would come out of mouth. 
I turned to the van to get Dan's attention, sure there was a Bison
just beyond this rock formation and we were in his sights, and Dan was in the van
looking at his cell phone...seriously!?!?
I could feel my heart in the throat.
 Joe was also stunned but not as much as mom, because he had realzied
that his belly had hit a sound button on the information board.  
There was no bison ready to eat us.
Do they even eat people?
Come to think of it, they looked very content eating that grass.
I'm just saying, it was very real in the moment, very real.

We made another loop around and found this monster grazing alone.
 Loved the Elk and Bison reserve!