Our Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eve was a full frenzy of all the people we love!

Dryce let Sam join him for offering music = they played jingle bells together.  
Sounded great and we enjoyed church service
 And we had a small but sweet and kinda rowdy crew
for Sunday school - we had pixie stick candy canes and McDonald's gift cards to celebrate.
We put together ornaments to decorate our tree together

The sugar had set in my this point...

 A sample of the music we heard!  

Grandma and Grandpa joined us for service to hear the kiddos, so I requested pics.

Love this crew!

 And then we went for a very special visit in Jasper{more later}ate some Chinese 
and then went to visit our friend Greg who had an accident at work.

As we pulled in the driveway we saw this lovely site (for 20 minutes) just enough time to make our taco salad for Christmas with the big Walker family!

We gathered with this crew and enjoyed a meal and the reading of the Christmas story.
Macy read the story this year, love traditions

 A blustery Christmas eve made this beautiful site when we came home.

 Time to set up our pop a shot game when we got home!

Walker Fam Christmas

The boys helped me set up on Saturday to host our family for Christmas with my brothers.
It was the kick off to a full weekend of celebrations.
We love Christmas, celebrating the birth of our Savior.
He finished decorating cookies, wanted names on them but this mama wasn't equipped for that.
He settled for sprinkles, ha!
 Scott and Christine were the first to arrive and Joe was excited to show Scott his model that he and papaw had put together.  Scott was showing him engine parts.  Loved it.

We had steak and potatoes, in case you wondered...
Scott says he doesn't get mashed potatoes very often, LOL

We enjoyed our entire meal - Olive Garden Salad, steak, mashed potatoes, corn, baked rice dish, Amish bread and fried ice cream - we were full.

 We played bingo for stocking type prizes hidden in these cups that you punched out and chose your prize..we laughed and had fun at the silly prizes.

 Laughing at our bingo caller Scott, he was slow and silly and he got booted by his daughter who took over as our caller.

Sam was the first to bingo and thought that yellow star at the top would be the best prize...
I had hidden an apple in that slot and we laughed and laughed at his reaction...he threw the apple at me - and then Jaelyn picked it up and ate it!  Fun times. 

 Taylor with a prize

Time to open gifts 

 I finished her wedding album to surprise her for Christmas - think she loved it.

 We laughed while playing Watch Yo Mouth
 Signs of a good time

Having a living room full in my favorite.
I love this picture

 Our attempt at a group picture...

 There we go...missing THREE special people...

Grandma Summers' Buttons

Joe has a very giving heart and this year he wanted to sew for his gifts.
I saw a project on pinterest that we could accomplish!
And it would share my grandma Summers's buttons - a collection that my mom had added to over the years - it's a treasure of mine for sure. It was special to my mom and I loved sharing it with Joe.

We selected the perfect white buttons to make our snowmen.

 And measured our felt to make the perfect ornaments.
He also designed a special eyeglass case for Noah and sewed it together.

This guy has some skills caught on to sewing buttons quick
and grandma loaned us her white yarn and thick needle to stitch the edges.

 Here was the inspiration from pinterest...
 We had to call in DH reinforcements one evening.

 Our treasured ornaments all lined up for family members
 And the rascally pig...