Just one radish...

We have been waiting
and watering
and talking about the roots and the leaves
and rotating into/out of the sun
and we saw a radish peaking out so
 today was the day!
There was excitement in the air
some anticipation

uh, but then that one radish that we saw
was the only one.
No carrots, no other radishes or green onions.
Sam did not take it well.

And neither did Joe.

But I ate that radish
that one hot radish.
and then
downed a whole glass of H2O!


Turtis's pool

Today we headed to the Washington pool
for the afternoon.
It has a lot of good splash features,
it was good to mix up the water routine today.
It has been so H.O.T. that if the kids are going to be outside,
water must be close by!

Both boys have gotton so brave in the water this year.
They have done well, but mama still keeps her eyes on them,
probably even more since they are so brave!
Sam is allowing more water to splash in his face, and he has
so much more fun now!

And despite this awesome water playground
and Scoops ice cream (located right inside!)...

the real reason that we came here today
was the boy in the blue shorts.
You see this is Turtis's (Kurtis) pool.
He lifegaurds here, but to Joe it is just his pool.

Good Summer Times!!


Black Eyes

I smiled inside everytime I looked at these today.

These black eyed Susans or black eyes as Sam calls them
are growing right outside our back door.
Mr. Sam loves to pick flowers and share them.
Today he asked to take them to Miss Mindy
and some for mama too!

And I got to work with this sweet thing today too!

Tuesday Night Tricks!

We've got this cousin Mo,
and she has got a bag o' tumbling tricks!
DH grilled some chicken thighs and we enjoyed
dinner with Mo and her boy!

Yeah, she takes after me!


Water Picasso

I never want to forget my little water Picasso painters.
Every morning while I get ready, I have a couple of helpers...
I know this phase is soon to end because when we start a new
routine  (kindergarten) we will be out the door at least 30 minutes earlier
this time will be behind us.
But for now, I will enjoy my last few paintings
made from makeup brushes and a cup of water
by my two little boys

365. Week 29

W29.D1 - Taco Pie
Super Yum
Press 1 package of cresent rolls into pie pan
Top with browned ground beef seasoned with taco seasoning
1 can rotel
Top with cheese
Bake 12-14 min at 350.
Top with lettuce, sour cream etc.

(it was at this point that we realized Sam does not like sour cream, yeah
it kinda came back out, eewwww)

W29.D2 - Put away freezer corn

W29.D3 - Trouble with our pool cover -our pool guy also installs swing sets.
Imagine our kids delight when this pulled up in our driveway...
and then the terror when it pulled back away.

W29.D4 - It has been H.O.T. - swam the day away on Thursday

W29.D5 - Painting the back door

W29.D6  - Fun night out with my girls.

W29.D7 - Fun pool day with the fam until the rain rolled in
so I'm bloggin!

Put Corn Away

We put corn away.
Before I met Dan, I didn't know what that meant.
But it is common lingo for us around here now. 
Every year in mid July the sweet corn patch is brimming with fresh corn.
And we are blessed to enjoy it fresh, 2 weeks or so...then we put away corn for the winter.
In the freezer.
The process is really not to bad, and we love having it for the winter months.

It is important for kids to learn these traditions, so we include them
*every* no knvies step of the way!

Last year Uncle Ed purchased this deluxe corn brush and it is sweet!
It cleans the silks right off and makes that step so much faster.

Daddy was at work, but this makes 4 generations, I heart that.

Machine was made by some country folk to be used by other country folk...read the label!
It says machine will grab hair, ponytails or pigtails...how cute

And we made a trip to grandma's garden while the corn was cooling
to pick some green beans, enjoy one of the first ripe tomatoes and a couple green peppers.

Thank you Lord for the bounty of a full garden
and a day with our toes in the dirt.


Funny Birthday Bouquet!

Our co-worker turned 50.
We couldn't resist a chance to celebrate
so the work pals and I put together this funny bouquet for him!

This is where we started.  We made shopping at the dollar store work for us,
 used what they had!

The cute assistant.

Happy Birthday Bouquet!


The Silly Smiths

We had fun, we had so much fun!
I was so tired by Sunday night that I couldn't have given our fun weekend
a good post, but it was fun to look back on these pictures and
enjoy just how much they mean to me!
My roomie from BU came down with her three kids and spent the weekend with us.
I love that we were so close in college and keep close so our kids can enjoy each other.
I love that they will grow up knowing each other.
Don't you just love how God knows who you need in your life and the right time!

Kiersten is the funniest most free spirited girly girl...I love it.
I teased her all weekend that she was more like me than her mama!

And Patrick is a funny man, always a joker...I mean spiderman!

And Aaron is a sweet pea, very attached to his mama all weekend.

The house was filled with superheros who fought like siblings at times
but I wouldn't have it any other way

Beacause they always came right back together to play again!

Our turn to head north next, can't wait to help them share their Children's museum or zoo passes!