Saturday with Drew

Sam wanted to invited someone to his yball game Saturday.
Come to find out, he had Drew in mind.  And Jaelyn had a tourney so he got to spend the whole day with us!
We headed to Washinton for Joe's game at noon.
We ate and played at Gatti's after his game

Sam's first big jackpot

We visited the pet shop and got a lot of smiles and ideas on their next pet of choice.
Drew - fish
Sam - bunny
Joe - non really, poor guy is not really an animal man!
And then we went to Walmart, the toy section, the sport section, electronics, clothes, school section, but slushies from the snack bar was their favorite.
Boys just really are not shoppers, proven today.  Three girls could have wondered around Walmart with no time to spare before the start of Sam's game, but we zoomed thru and still had time to waste, ha!

Sam picked out basketbal socks at Dick's the other week.
He LOVES them.
Today he said...my socks are from Dick's they will make me good!

Sam and his friend Leighton from his team! I hope 
we watch these boys into the high school years!

We ended back at home and I made homemade cheeseburger macaroni corn
and fruit salad.  They gobbled it up and played.
Settled on checkers and connect four 

Drew and Sam's first game ended like this...a draw!

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Morgan's Senior Night

Last night was Ms. Mo's senior night  2013 - where does the time go?
Love this girl and her sweet spirit.
On Thurs I go the honor of helping her set up her table..oh wait
 then the game was cancelled, so we set it up took a pic and took it all back down
so she could set it up herself on Friday...she did great!!  
It was also coaches vs. cancer game so they doctored up their uniforms
with duct tape!  So cool!

Mo and her parents, my brother Scott and Sis Chris

And Sister Sarah

And Sis Blake came home from college...joe was a little excited
{just a little}

The best part was that her cheer coach got her a life size version..wow!

And this is the part where I insert kick to behind because I came straight from work
without camera...boo.
But I still wanted to remember her last school song!
Love that energy

Senior pep band played on drums and really reved up the crowd it was neat!

Sam has started venturing away from us at home games...

He has a fun group of friends!

Joe was tucked with Blake, my sweet aunts, or with us for the whole game.
He and Libby are looking innocent here but I think they could tear a place up!!

And then Morgan got the be a flyer!!
Top Right!

Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you,
Plans to prosper and not harm

Love you Morgan, love your Love and Stance for God.
You have made us proud to call you our niece!
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Officially Grabers!

Today Darrin and Shannon completed the adoption of
Tyson Phillip
Shaylee Martha Jean
and these two joined Dryce Andrey
to make us proud Aunt and Uncle once again!

We met at the courthouse and it after the paperwork was in order the judge declared it official! 
We welcomed these two precious children into our hearts a year and a half ago in September,
but had to wait to show you their precious faces until today, when the courts declared it legal.
God has orchestrated so many details in this sweet story.

First order of business was inviting Tyson (and Shaylee) to ride with us, their official Aunt and Uncle!
Tyson has begged to ride in our van from church and other places and until today we
were not able to say yes.  We celebrated together today when I asked him and he said YES!
Dryce and cousin Andre rode home with grandma and grandpa, so Darrin and Shannon left with 0 kids, ha!

New shirts with GRABER on the back!

Dryce and cousin Andre

Shaylee and cousin Emma.

Oh how our hearts sing with JOY!
I cannot wait to share 1.5 years of picture memories with you.
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Our Valentines Day

Our Valentine Celebration started over the weekend 
when Miss Blake watched the boys so DH and I could go
to dinner and the movies on Friday.  We watched Side Effects, which 
hit a little close to home for me to really enjoy! But I sure enjoyed the date
and we ate Yamoto and it was yummy.
On Monday DH surprised me at work and sent Mrs. Field's Cookies, more yum..
Me and the girls and work enoyed them a lot.

Today was a crazy busy day off work for me...it went a little like this.
Sent DH off early for a full day at the farm machinery show in Louisville KY
Always over Valentine's Day, since the 1st year we dated, I'm not sure but I don't think
he has missed many...
Took Sam to school
Took Joe to speech with Aunt Jill
Study discovery club lesson
Took Joe to preschool
Stayed to help pass out valentines
Home to switch laundry
Quick clean on the bathrooms and gather trash
Tidy boys bedroom
Gather ideas for Mo's senior display for senior night
*Help Blake with online pharmacology quiz...we missed one,
you may want to reconsider your pharmaceutical care
Pick up Joe from preschool
Meet bestie Melissa for lunch at LB
Call from Morgan, she wants lunch at my house, not LB
Hang with Mo and Mel and Joe at our house
Switch laundry again
Walk at track 1.5 miles :}

Pick up Sam from school

No homework:} Time to play Sam's new game Crazy Cash

Excited about the ATM machine

Find letter for Mr Sam and Mr Joe in mail

Bookmarks for Sam and Joe from Blake!

Open Valentines from school

Be still my crafty mama heart...he know how to make a paper heart!

New clipboards for valentine's day from mama and DH.

Dentist for the boys - Sam sealants, Joe cavity filled :{
McD for milkshakes for sore mouths:{
Errands at Dollar Store
Then....he comes the funnest news ever...
I get to tell you that Miss Allison is having babies...

Yes babies, it's twins.  
Found out today
So we went to have the sweetheart dinner at Lodge, with our membership card
They brought us cupcakes to go, because we shared the news.
And wouldn't you know it...

One boy and One girl, I guess we shall see in a few weeks from now!
And grandma had stopped by
to give her valentines to her boys
A special cookie for each and a McD credit card!

Bedtime for boys
Read for 20 minutes...rule for school
Fold Laundry
Talk about DH's day with him
Happy Valentine's Day!

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