I love it when my bestie reads my mind.
We had lunch today with her and her husband.
It was one of those big rock visits.  Important talk, the kind that makes you bound for life.
We are in this together, daughers of the Son. 
I wish she lived closer because I want to hug her again.
In the meantime, I will share her gift to my sons. 
I have been seeing these, knowing that the boys would love them.
And that is what she got them - love that!

Sam's sun.

It was wrapped in paper that her son Eli had colored, precious!

Sam's letter last week was U - so we made a Unicorn

And then it was well, I'm not sure...Sam's look says it all. Hmmmm

L.O.T.S of smiles.
Thanks T.  We love you and Chris and Eli

365. Week 4

W4. D1 - Boys love their jammies, put them on when we are home in the evening.
Almost no exception to that.

W4.D2 - Breakfast with my big boy.
They suggested the full order since it was 1/2 off that day.
Didn't dream he would eat the whole plate.
But he did.

W4.D3 - Internet disk came in mail...get to use new{and first ever} laptop for first time.
Oh, am I ever in love.

W4.D4 - Cousin's Cole's basketball game, they won!

W4.D5 - ?? don't ask me... but I found it this way.  Neither boy claimed it. 

W4.D6 - Only picture from our weekend away.
DH and I traveled to Indy for manager meeting for my job.
Stopped on way up to watch dear friends' son play basketball
Split lunch meal so we could enjoy this at Cheescake Factory.
Meeting. Dinner. Night at Hotel
Lunch with More Very Dear Friends. Home
Relaxing time. Missed boys

W4.D7 - Boys open gifts from 'Aunt'Toni and 'Uncle' Chris
L.O.V.E. them...
Oh how I missed their smiles, funny how one night away refreshes the mama in me.


Breakfast date

Had a date with my big boy.
DH took Joe to Grandma's house on his way to work.
Left the big boy and I just enough time for a date before
preschool and work.
So we jumped in the van and headed to DQ breakfast.
We giggled a lot.

Exchanged some smooches.

Talked about all the important things in life

It was a very fine date indeed.


Warm as a Monster!

In our latest round of crafting - we made monster hats
and gloves to match.
It gave my monsters a real reason to act like monsters!
We started with these dollar hats and
some felt on hand
We had plenty of buttons on hand, but I let the boys
choose some in fun colors to bring home.

I cut one triangle then traced it to make lots of monster teeth.

Some circles traced around a drink cap from the kitchen.

And showing my one and only mad sewing skill-

I was pretty happy to use some of my mom's
sewing supplies, she had the perfect orange thread.
I had plenty of fingers ready to test out the fabric glue.

The best part was having Sam help me finish the gloves
He picked up the white scraps and came up with
the teeth on the gloves to the left.
Sweet idea!
And these sweet smiles made this project and A++.

Yep, they are warm as a monster!
Find our idea at Family Fun, love that site~~


365. Week 3

W3. D1 - We watched Toy Story 3 as a family and popped popcorn.
2 very happy boys. funny memories of childhood toys for DH and mama!

W3.D2 - Long wait while mama's van got fixed at car dealer.
Still not fixed, have to order part.

W3.D3. - Took snacks to Discovery Club for Sam and Joe
Hosted Small Group in our home.  We are watching
Way of the Master - very inspiring.

W3.D4 - Finally a snow day for mama and boys!

W3.D5 - Loogootee Lion Basketball game - victory over Bloomfield.
Joe got to see "tonner" his best buddy- sweet smiles!

W3.D6 - Long winters nap for Sam at unexpected time - 6pm.
Kinda put a kink in our plans.

W3.D6 - Joe's first movie at theater...Yogi Bear
He did good, squirmy at end, fell asleep on car ride home.


Tea Party I

Tea Party I -
Today was a glorious snow day,
it finally snowed on my day off..and we got to enjoy staying in.
Well, until I went into work to close up.
So, we had a tea party today {at 7:45am}.
Sam has been asking for a couple of days.
He would have been happy with any ol' dishes.
And it might have been less fuss to use paper or plastic,
but I am proud of my heirloom dishes.
And I hope by using them, my boys will be too!
We dressed in our best {jammies}
and invited all the people we know {stuffed animals}

We had Mr. Frog, Cancun bear (made from material from my mom's houscoat), blue bear (lived in Guatemala with Sam), Mr. Sam, Little lamb, Mama and Baby giraffe, Puppy Pillow(newest arrival), Little Chick(lived in Guatemala with Joe), Puppy Pillow(from Riley Hosp) Mr.Joe and Mr. Cow.

We ate muffins and drank tea water.
{and then we did it again after lunch with grapes}
And then DH had tea when he got home from work
it is still on the floor, so we might have tea again.
Care to join us?
See why I titled it Tea Pary I, we might be partying often.

Did you know my mama?
Wouldn't she smile that her dishes were being used on only the finest company?


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Chalk board frames

I had some frames in the basement begging for a new life.
Like this one, and I did have to pry that sweet picture of my
nephew Cole on his second birthday out of the frame {tear}
But I have the picture and some even more current ones
of his almost 13 year old self {wow, 13}.
So we upcycled this frame and a couple others using
chalkboard paint

Mama had some curious fingers during the drying process...

And then we followed the directions and cured each frame.

And now we are enjoying the results!

And this project rates up at the top. 
Pretty sure things should not sit still around my home for a bit...
Or they might end up as a

365. Week 2

Week 2 -moments.
W 2. D1 - Finding our way through the magic forrest
                                 W2. D2 - White as Snow - I am generally anxious about snow,
                                                    but I was calm and enjoyed this snow
W2.D3 -My little helper man
W2.D4 - Snow indoors...warm feet, cold hands!

W2.D5-Ought Oh!  Help from a little man on mama's project...

W2.D6 - Ready to go to their all boys sleepover at Cousin Drew's.

W2.D7 -Unexpected blessing - teens in Sunday School
elected to toss their cell phones in the middle of the floor during the lesson