After school Friends

Boys had friends over today.
Joe and Mason
Sam and Drew

They all played great together.  

There were snacks and drinks, little xbox, much whiffe ball, much swimming, a lot of teasing (from both sides), much swimming b/c it is smokin hot, comic book writing, hide and seek.
No wonder I'm worn out tonight!!!

 They waited patiently while DH mowed them an infield diamond for whiffle ball

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Cookies and Swim

After my coworker Renaee mentioned oatmeal cookies at work, we tried our hand at them at home!
We followed the recipe on the can and they were pretty good!
We somehow got a smidgen too much salt, but there weren't any left anywhere!

 He is so against his picture being taken right now, but he is the one who asked to take them to
his teacher.  Proud of his heart to share!

And this sweet cheeks broke this glasses in 1/2 first week of school, so
he wore his goggles for a week. Love him.

I posted this on facebook, but oh how I laughed when I say Joe's paper.
I told Kia that it would be counted right in Shoals!

 Unfortunately, they are getting more use of my Yoga mat than I am right now.
Just being honest, need to work on that!

It feels like August is back so we have went swimming 2 nights this week, so relaxing!

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Be the Match

We spent a special Saturday getting tested for bone marrow
for cousin Andre.  He is undergoing his second round of chemo for lymphoma.
When that is thru, he will need a bone marrow donor.
That could mean a possible cure for lymphoma AND SCIDS.
Andre is so super special to us,
Sam was happy to  bake his very best blueberry crumb muffins for the Chili lunch and Bake Sale
 DH is a double cousin.  Andre's dad is is maternal cousin and Andre's mama is his paternal cousin.
See, told ya Andre is special to us!
It has already been shown that God has a special plan for Andre, he is such a blessing and we trust God's plan for Andre!!!

 Blake Allison and Morgan baked cupcakes and Blake Allison and babies came to get tested!

Those smiles.  Lane spotted me across the room, love it!

 Our prayer cross has been put to good use at bedtime lately.  I like to hear what prayers are on the obys minds and Andre is way up there!

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Blake joined me last week to clean up the storage room 
from all the construction last winter!
It was a lot of work but we jammed to christian music on Pandora and cleaned the day away.
One goal was to get this white {train} table out again for lego construction.
So, they build legos most anywhere in the house but this will give a home base!
We had a little fun with the masks we found in the basement.

Some of us has a lot of fun

And a couple days later this champ must have been impressed by our hard work b/c
he started building some shelves for us! They are half way done!

We have had more school days than not lately 
and we are getting in the swing of things.

We took time out last Sunday for a movie date with friends
Rylan and Gage, boys say Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
our first PG13 ...besides Home Alones LOL
I thought it was pretty good!

 We played some more Lego Creationary and DH joined us and he got the prize for best build of the day
with this cow with utters. Yep he won.

Joe did great too

And Sam was not to be outdone with his truck and camper.
Such fun!

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1st and 3rd!

These boys were more than ready for their first day of school.
Up early, ate early, left early, no complaints for pictures, until I asked for more than one.
My oh my how I love these boys.
We are so proud of our 3rd and 1st graders!

Kendra and Nanny Jan got them hooked on yogurt from the big container, only way they really like it,
no individual container for them ha!

This boy was a cracker jack and posed for me, it made me LOL as he turned for me to take every angle.
You better believe I did just that.

My big 3rd grader didn't complain for a photos, yes! Success!
He has Mrs. Truelove this year, met her last night and he said she was very nice.

He wouldn't turn around for his backpack shot, but I stole one anyway.

We found a letter in the mail box that came yesterday from his teacher and he read it on the way to school,
Put him right in the mood!

And this social bug was just concerned in who was arriving as we waited for drop off.
Both boys chose "drop off" as we call it instead of "walk in" so mama resisted and followed their request!
Joe has Ms. Wagler (same as Sam and mama and daddy's classmate)!

They came home from school today all smiles.  
I surprised them with a stop at the candy store.

And then we came home to a surprise on our front porch from "Aunt" Toni.
Wow did she hit the mark with this one!

It was perfect for their first day after school.

 We laughed and created together for quite a while, time for mama's homemade meatloaf!

And and when Joe's papers came home today, I realized that its time to get back
into school...he misspelled his name!!! LOL

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