Tis the Season!

We are decorated!
I love this season
because my boys love our tree and every. single. light. display. we. see!
I had lots of help.
It started little.

And them so taller help came.
I love it when this bar is full of family!

After everyone had left the boys asked to have cookies and milk by the tree just like Santa.
And so we got our our stars and stripes tray, i mean it was perfect for the occasion...

Some finishing touches!

Joe's 3rd. chrismtas ornament.

And Sam was proud of his 5 year ornament...Superman!

Joe was so proud to tease Conner when he was taller than him!
Next on the list...christmas cards!


Loogootee Basketball Season

Basketball Season is back again.

We live for this season...

and this year will be especially fun

since we will be supporting 2 cheerleaders

and a basketball player!

Blake and her Beau Conner

Right in the middle...Blake
On the left, looking down...Morgan

Joe was so proud to have a shirt that says "Tonner".

He cheered him on the whole game.

And then there are these smiles.

I soooo love these people!

Blake (senior, sniff) and Sam

Joe and Morgan(sophomore!)


Full and Blessed.

Our thanksgiving was full of fun and laughter.
Teasing from papaw after Sam won Sorry (fair and square, papaw.)
Snickers from Joe after he got to tell Papaw SORRY.

Classic Board games (Candyland, Sorry, and puzzles)
Sweetness from Grandma and Grandpa

Jumping Rope Inside (everything is allowed at papaw's house)

Playing with daddy's childhood toys
and using Jenga as a load of wood.

Yummy sweet treat
Piles of Kids

My sweet nieces.

Ah, I am full and blessed.
and we didn't even talk about food.
Know what I mean?


Thanksgiving Taco Salad

Linda's Thanksgiving Taco Salad

1 1b. hamburger browned, seasoned with taco mix
1-2 heads of lettuce, chopped
1 can chili beans
1 bag shredded cheddar cheese
1 bottle kraft thousand island dressing
Mix this all together, add tomatoes if you wish.
Add 1 bag of crushed taco chips just before serving!
Headed to my family's to celebrate Thanksgiving
Loved having help from my son making this dish
that my mama was famous for
and is still requested to this day!
And yes, our Christmas Tree is up, we are loving it!

2 reasons to be thankful.

I went a different route for Christmas cards this year.
But these outtakes warm my heart.
I . am. thankful.



The DHubs and I went to Indy
to see my gal pals from BU.
From the amount of laughter we shared,
it had been way too long since I last saw these gals.
They are all Pi Phi sisters,
but now they are way more than that.
We have shared new jobs, new locations, marriages, births...
Lisa lives in West Palm Gardens, FL, Ang and Kirk live in Indy.

And my bestie, Katie...we still get our kiddos together pretty often, but some time away with no kids was good too. We talked an additional 2 hours after the group split up!
And for good measure, another photo,
no really blogger and I are not getting along this am.

Miss Andrea, who is Katie's lil sis and one of my roomies from the house
was celebrating her 29th birthday again.

And when we returned, the DHubs and I, our pocket books were lighter
our van was full of christmas presents, and we were refreshed.
Ready to snuggle
(Joe found a fav childhood blanket of mine)
And play games.

We needed a recharge.
And that is what we got!


First Birthday Sweetness

Tonight we had the privlidge to celebrate this
sweet piece of heaven's first birthday.
His mama, my friend Jess, was working.
Ryan Preston turns one tomorrow
and we could not resist
a chance to watch him eat cake!
He is scrumptious.

And did just the right thing after we sang
Happy Birthday to him!

Ryan Preston
you are so sweet!
In the meantime I lost my BFF's camera card.
She cam over to make her christmas card
and I know she handed that little blue rectangle to me.
And well, I could not find it.
We have even prayed over that card.
I cannot let my mind bear to think that I won't find it!


Midwest Sunset

Midwest Sunset
Just a reminder to enjoy the sunsets
no matter where you may be.
I can travel to the ocean or the mountains craving
a beautiful sunset to see.
But the sunset to the west of our
house is breathing taking too.

Long Nap is Over

Yep, our long nap is over.
Back to blogging!
My how I have missed this!
Took a break {not on purpose} -
computer crash.
Used my time away wisely of course.
I got a new techy phone and i have been figuring it out.
Extra snuggles with the boys in the AM.
Oh and I thought that keeping the laundry caught up would be really useful and oh so nice. Turns out it was all too overwhelming for my children.
You see, they had too many choices in the morning when all their clothes were clean.
Tee, Hee.


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Trick or Treat 2010

We came home with happy, tired kids.
Buckets of treats.
I am sure their were sugarplums dancing in their heads as they dozed off to sleep!