Finn McMissile and Francesico

Meet Francesico

And Finn McMissle

Our current obsession right now.  We have set aside trains for now.
We play Cars2, not Cars, Cars2 of course.
We recite movie lines, we race, we laugh
and often fight.

I love it when these boys play together, for hours on end, love that.



Today, the sweeties and I stayed home and filled our home with Christmas cheer.
We spent most of the day (off and on) putting up decorations inside and out.
I shopped online for a few items, but am happy with the decison not
to battle the crowds and shop...
its back to work tomorrow, so one more day relaxing was great!!
I have to mention Joe's jammies, LOL, he has several matching
sets...but everytime this 2 pieces are clean he wears them.
DH calls the pants that are really short his manpris.

After decorating the tree Sam asked if we could turn off all the lights to see the glow...you bet!
He kept saying this is my best decorating ever...

This morning watching the train.
Oh, and my kids did get dressed today, but spent more time in their jammies then out of them!

Thanksgiving 2011

We had a very laid back, family style, consumed some carbs, gave thanks kind of day.



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Just gather and give thanks.
What better way is there to celebrate our many blessings?

Enjoy your family today.  I am going to!


Wonderlab 2

I have had a couple of days off work this week already and have two more to go...crazy great!
So after Joe and I worked around the house and finished laundry yesterday and picked up Sam from school,
we planned a fun day together today.
We headed to one of our favorite spots, Wonderlab in Bloomington.

Sam loves to climb in this area, so safe but goes up 3 stories!

These peg areas are Joe's favorite, he loves them

Love this.

And this.
I love making memories like this, love enjoying new things with these two, love watching them learn and explore new things, not to mention, I love to play too.


Fun with Gymnastics

We went to a fun birthday party on Sunday afternoon for our friends
Kyleigh & Breanna.  They turned 7 and 5, wow!
Our boys have grown up with these girls, love that...
The parachute was the highlight of the party
especially since they disappeared...

For balance beam they paired off...love this.

The boys had a great time at this party and it was fun watching them
Happy Birthday Kyleigh and Breanna!!!


Indy Shoppin' and Gamin'

We counted down the days until we could go to the hotel in Indy to visit Blake.
We drove up to Muncie and brought Blake back from college and spent the rest of the weekend
relaxing with family.

We shopped all day on Saturday and crossed off some Christmas lists!!!
The boys headed back to the hotel for some naps and swimming
then we all met up to

Enjoy dinner and gaming at Dave and Busters.

We had a seriously full and very fun, gotta do it again, kind of weekend.
Sad to see it come to an end, happy to celebrate thanksgiving with family this weekend.
Love the holiday season !!


Fuzzy Magnetic Fun!

Seriously easy fuzzy magnetic fun!
You might see these again...looking for a fun birthday party treat for our guests,
I think I might have found the parting gift!!!


Have you seen the turkey?

We've had some fun making pumpkins and turkeys incognito!
Sam brought home some family projects...

We made our pumpkin into superman from a recycled birthday gift bag

And then we hid our turkey behind some snowballs!

I love love love it when he practices his letters, doing great on his last name!

Unfortunately, Sam was not feeling great today, so about 10 mintues after we finished the project

he slept for 3 hours...poor guy!