Why Guat-mama?
Because I love being a mama.  Specifically, I love being a mama to two sweet boys born in Guatemala.  We traveled a long road thru infertility to parenthood.  A road that lead us to a country that will forever hold a special place in our hearts.  While we raise our boys for the Lord in the heart of the midwest, their beginnings in Guatemala are close to my heart.  For in this county, I became a mama, twice.

Why Graber Gab? 
Because that is what I am good at...gabbing.  The beginnings of this blog were to document and update friends on our process to adopt our second sweet son, Joseph.  This blog has since become a place for me to record our lives for our sons as they mature.    

Constantly striving. Often exploring. .  Rarely resting.
I love this life the Lord has given to me. 
I love my hubby, my children, my home in this community, my church, my job and my family and friends. 
Sounds cliche, but I would wrong to portray it any other way.
Along the way, some bumps have come, but as the old adage goes...

Smooth seas do not make for skillful sailors.

I blog for my children.  I want to remember the way it was someday when the house is quiet and kept tidy again.  I bind this blog yearly, and these books are already treasures to me.

My current passions are raising my children for the Lord, guiding the youth members in our church, loving my husband, managing a flourishing business, and all things creative (decorating crafting, etc.).