Final Bomber Weekend!

This was our final Bomber weekend of the season, Joe had some great fans this weekend.
Blake and Grandma made the trip to Dale to watch him yesterday and Grandma came back today.
That takes dedication because it was scorching hot.
We took tons of water, ice and Joe's beloved Frog Tog.
Our coaching staff also has the catcher rotate because that is such a hot spot,
and this weekend it was soooo dusty.
Joe's team went 2-0 yesterday, winning a thriller from a 3 run homer.
These boys change from coach pitch to pitching machine 40-42mph,
so they have to make adjustments.
Joe wants to love his big barrel bat, but he often hits better with his regular bat.
He had a couple of great hits this weekend.
He always asks where his hits go because that is how much he watches his coach and not the ball, 
rock solid fundamental!

Our catching gear is showing some age, but I think he looks tough.

And DH cracks up at this girl.  She makes him laugh,
he would rather watch her than the game *for a bit*

We came home a cooled off with friends Greg and Lela and kiddos,
enjoyed some cool DQ with them, too!

We were back this morning early for our morning game.
Love these two, won a great first game
so we MADE them relax in the shade.
Today didn't take as much as other weeks, they were willing
to stay out of the sun.

It was a full twenty degrees cooler in the shade today, for sure.

We lost in the semi finals to a great team River City Aces.
We had been 10-3 coming into this game, great end to a fun season!


Rest of the busy week!

I don't like the word busy.
It's sounds negative and rushed and unplanned.
I prefer full.
The rest of our week was full.

I sent this picture to my MIL this week.
I, however, have not been lazy...no time for that.
But, I will admit that I get my check off list done
not to take a nap..but to end up splashing in the pool
with my family!

I have not idea why this picture is on my phone?
Possibly DH took it because our photos both upload to the cloud.
Anyway, I love it...loving the life.

Sam finished his video game design class
and his game is challenging!
He created the characters and the levels.
It is called Door Jumper. You must reach the door on each level
then jump to the next level, six in all.
It is different than he expected (according to him); he means that
he thought it would have more graphics, etc..we talked about
how hard it was to build this and he understood this was a great first step!

These are some of his characters.

Joe had a lot more fun with baseball summer camp.
They were practicing their sliding here...hmmm.
What a total blast, though!

What a stud, ha...coming out of practice with no s

And, Friday was even more fun!  Finally,  a day off for mom.
We worked around the house all morning so we could 
swim with Blake in the afternoon!
Big Joe had open gym for basketball and baseball camp too.

These two were giggling when I got home from running Joe
to open gym.
Love the smiles.

Pure joy.

Later, we picked up Joe at baseball camp and ate at LB
for dinner.  Grandma joined up with Tyson and Shaylee
and they came back home with us or a night swim!

And my tiny hydrangea plant is blooming!
First time I have had a hydrangea plant come back after a year, yea!

In the midst of our last Bomber weekend, soaking up summer!


Busy summer week!

And for our week so far...
Sunday night we spent at Grandma and Grandpas for Father's Day cookout,
but both families had been outside all day, so we spent much time inside, ha.
Seeing which grandkids can do backbends.

And, no matter how late, these puppies get their first soak
and spray when we get home.  Murphy's Oil soap is my last step when all else fails, so far they have come clean!

While we got ready for the week the boys finished the lego set
(and a neb treatment)

And I stayed up with Sam to let him watch his beloved Golden State
Warrior team (Steph Curry and Klay Thompson) in game 7 of the NBA Finals.  
The series was tied 3-3 with the Cleveland Cavaliers
and Lebron James.
Sam's team lost the game, but the show I got from his cheers as they battled was worth staying up for!

We did a little consoling and Sam was most upset that there would be no magazine or book that we could buy about the championship(we have those from last year, you know)...that was what he was most upset about it.  Love him and the way his mind works...

The sting of the loss was quickly replaced by his upcoming class at VUJC for video game design.
Big thanks to Grandma for driving him down this week, it has meant a lot to him!  He has smiled and given details and wants to teach Joe about what his has learned.

I snapped a picture outside work with his special new flash drive.

And this guy was at work with me one morning for a few minutes before he got picked up for summer tennis.

Monday night, we went to the Daviess Co Fair to support Cole's girlfriend,
she is the beauty in the coral dress.  She was so very beautiful and was full of confidence
as she ran for 4H fair queen.
She came away with People's Choice, Miss Congeniality, and 1st runner up.
What a great honor!

And, rerun...I feel like I already posted about mulch this year..
oh wait, I did.  DH did not like our first round.  Enough said,
this showed up in our driveway this week.
I thought the blue farm truck (with the dump bed) was broken down,
but I guess it had a trip to the mulch place in it. I spread this in the heat yesterday
afternoon and it caused me to be very grouchy.  It better find it's own way on.
I do mulch when it is not hot..it is hot.

Joe is enjoying baseball camp this week.
Love the summer programs our school has for the kids!

Joe's first picture at the high school baseball field, hope he continues to love this game!

And guess what else we are gearing up for...4H.
We kept our project simple this year because our friends will be here visiting the week of 4H this year!


Father's Day Hardware!

We wrapped up another great weekend!
I worked yesterday to wrap up my weekend duty, then headed north
to Smithville to meet my boys who were playing Bomber baseball.
I was able to catch the second game of the day.
DH pitched for Joe's team since it was coach's pitch (normal coach injured).
DH likes being on the field, he enjoyed it.
It was getting late but we headed to take DH out for Father's Day in Bloomington.
He chose Texas Roadhouse.  

I ran into my boss and his sweet family there. 
We also saw 1/2 of Loogootee there including cousin Jaelyn..
who turned the big 13 yesterday!!  She was playing softball
in Greenwood for the weekend.

And we made it home in time for Sam to sneak a neb treatment in (pesky summer cough)
AND work his new Lego set that he saved up summer chore money for

We woke up bright and early this morning to head back to the ball diamonds
for an 8 am game.
It was a perfect day for baseball, those morning games were a bit cooler for sure.
Joe had an great day playing some great baseball today.
He worked hard at catcher, right field, left center and had some top notch hits!

This field had the strangest dugout set up.  But, it played ball the same as ever AND it treated us well.
We won game 1 and set up to play the semi-finals...we we clinched a victory in that game, too.

These dads replaying our 1st win today (or their baseball days, not sure which)

And, this was so cool. Dads warming up their boys for game 2.

Practicing the foul tip for the catcher.

Proud dad and his baseball boy!

Proud mama, too.

And, DH was good for the pitching again for games 2 and 3.

We saw a fair amount of this on the scoreboard...

But, came out with a big win over a great Orleans team (who had beat us on Saturday night)

Great win Bomber 8U, hard fought title!

All the Bomber boys and their dads - and while this isn't always possible ( I know growing up several years without a pop and even working during some of the games myself) but every player has his dad in the picture.  How cool is that?

Sam was so pumped for Joe's win, he was jumping up on down from the stands
and was the first on the field to see Joe!

These Loogootee Lion baseball players, love it!

And, special prize for Joe G this weekend.  He got the batting glove award
for being the most improved player (from his coach). Proud of this boy!
Ended with a cookout with Grandpa and Grandma...
back to work tomorrow so we can rest up (wink).