Rest of the busy week!

I don't like the word busy.
It's sounds negative and rushed and unplanned.
I prefer full.
The rest of our week was full.

I sent this picture to my MIL this week.
I, however, have not been lazy...no time for that.
But, I will admit that I get my check off list done
not to take a nap..but to end up splashing in the pool
with my family!

I have not idea why this picture is on my phone?
Possibly DH took it because our photos both upload to the cloud.
Anyway, I love it...loving the life.

Sam finished his video game design class
and his game is challenging!
He created the characters and the levels.
It is called Door Jumper. You must reach the door on each level
then jump to the next level, six in all.
It is different than he expected (according to him); he means that
he thought it would have more graphics, etc..we talked about
how hard it was to build this and he understood this was a great first step!

These are some of his characters.

Joe had a lot more fun with baseball summer camp.
They were practicing their sliding here...hmmm.
What a total blast, though!

What a stud, ha...coming out of practice with no s

And, Friday was even more fun!  Finally,  a day off for mom.
We worked around the house all morning so we could 
swim with Blake in the afternoon!
Big Joe had open gym for basketball and baseball camp too.

These two were giggling when I got home from running Joe
to open gym.
Love the smiles.

Pure joy.

Later, we picked up Joe at baseball camp and ate at LB
for dinner.  Grandma joined up with Tyson and Shaylee
and they came back home with us or a night swim!

And my tiny hydrangea plant is blooming!
First time I have had a hydrangea plant come back after a year, yea!

In the midst of our last Bomber weekend, soaking up summer!