Time with my boy + more!

Yesterday was the day Joey D and I carved out some time together!
I drove him to a summer class he is taking to learn some Spanish!
He was such a cool cucumber for his first day of "college"!
We got there  and he jumped out of the van hopped right in a chose a seat
next to a boy sitting at a table alone {later learned he is now Joe's new friend named Silas}
I LOVE his adventurous spirit. LOVE it.

Look at these beautiful hydrangea, my dream is to grow these puppies.
So far I have a small bush with 2 blooms, ha!

And at pick up, he was non stop chatter.
The instructor asked the students to tell a little about themselves and why they wanted to learn Spanish.
Joe recounted that he told her he was born in Guatemala and his birth name was Jose.
She called him Jose the rest of the morning and he got a big kick out of that!

They learned greetings, how to say their names, and body parts.
Joe's self portrait

And for our time together he got to choose the place for lunch...
he chose the place with the fish because
 DH would be jealous.
We sent him a selfie. {I was happy he didn't choose McD}

And we stopped by Home Depot for a few supplies.
My little man is growing up!

We were back to pick up Sam at open gym for basketball (he stayed with Grandma because he had tennis and basketball).  This is what the basketball gym looks like at 2pm on a Monday in the middle of the summer in an Indina
basketball town.

Our varsity coach has strengthened our summer program for the younger
grades, we are very happy about that!

And a stop at the library to register for summer reading.
Where the little guy was eager but the big guy said he might be too old for that. I didn't say anything
knowing when we got there, he would find something of interest...

Yep, it didn't take long.  I rounded the corner and found this...

Everyone lays on the floor at the library when they are totally uninterested in a particular book (ahem)

And, I don't blame him here...
they had an IPAD set up to Google Earth.
He will be wanting to go back and check this out.
We found our house and the school.  

And the paper on the wall said computer use for ages 3-10.
No wonder this legs look so long in this picture.
Boo, his last year to use this station.

And this ensued on the way home from my uninterested party.

And, of course, from the eager guy.

More of the same.

And then we had a friend come over to swim!
Landon is right between Joe and Sam in age, perfect fit.
They laughed and splashed all afternoon.
I finally got the pool patio sprayed off and ready for summer.

And DH came home swam a bit with them and then played a round of 5000
in the middle of the living room.
That is how we roll.

It's back to work to earn some more days full of fun like this!!