Small Town Friday Night.

We fit a lot into our Friday evening, especially since I worked until 7!
(DH and the boys worked until shortly before that because we are replacing our spring mulch..yeah, round two because our 1st round was a botch)

The boys knew our summertime festival was in town so we made Friday night work!
I was a smidgen shocked when Sam said he would give the swings a try...rides are not really his thing.  He and Joe gave us BIG smiles!

Big brother acting like it was NBD

And the smiles from this one!

Now we are getting a bigger smile.

And then Joe ran into his buddy Tye and they took a ride together.
One ride was good for Joe, two...not so much.
He had a green look until we got a little Sprite and Burger in his belly!

Tye was a bit nervous (like Sam), but he rode like a champ!

And of course we had to earn a shot at a PRIZE, this boy would pay to play EVERY game.
Not so economical.  He settled for 2 games tonight!
He did shoot a cup over and earned a sword.

And this guy popped his balloon for a small sword, too.

Yep, our swords!  And two happy boys.
It was time for festival food.

A foot long corn dog? Yes please!

And a Methodist Church Lemon Shake Up
and Shoals Legion Fish Sandwich?
Joe wanted a VFW burger...and Sprite, h

We listened to the music a bit and then left to head to Jaelyn's 13th birthday party = She is thirteen!
I was busy talking and the girls were all giggling around a table by the pool so I didn't get any pics...
but we returned home around 10
and this was shortly after.

Yes, I pulled Joe's bed our further than that and he pushed it back in...that boy!