Relaxing Memorial Day.

We had a relaxing Memorial Sunday and Monday for sure!
We enjoyed a great church service and rounded up the last
of VBS registration and volunteering round up.
We grabbed a quick lunch,
we save  Dairy Queen 5 dollar buck lunch
(It has to be said like that, too)
for days like this.
We pulled into the drive at the same time
as Jill and Drew, perfect.  Will joined us later
at we soaked up some sun.
The water was freezing cold,
but the boys didn't mind because the sun was warm.

We got rained out, Jill and I enjoyed our conversation the last 15 minutes the most...
the sun was behind the clouds and the breeze was rolling in!

We got ready and went to Greg and Lela's for Sunday night cookout.
Greg and Ang were there, too.
Golf cart rides, tag and a little whiffle ball.
Then we were onto our adventure.

We wanted to go fishing in a family pond, we piled into 2 trucks...one low on gas.
The first pond was a bust because of the afternoon storm left mud in the field.
We knew we could get into the pond area, but it was uphill and mud on the way out.
So, we opted to go to the second pond.
And, there was a gate.  So we climbed the gate...all 12 of us.
But, the pond was surrounded by weeds and poison ivy...so we climbed the gate again.

And, landed in our driveway to fish at the pond next to our house.
It was a perfect evening for fishing really.
We caught (and released) several!
Made everyone happy!

We added a little mower gas and they made it home safe!
What an adventure.  Sam said, well, it has been a nice Sunday drive.

Monday, I did some last minute work on VBS and ran some fundraiser stuff to my aunts...
had a nice long visit with them really enjoyed that.
Even, got Aunt Cindy to bring her grandkids to swim that afternoon with us.

Ella swam with the boys (Will Jill and Drew came back again, yay).
And Ryder climbed up and down the stairs. HA ~
the water was still cold!

Love having a pool full, looking forward to more friends and family this summer.

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