VBS Offering and Program!

Let me tell you about how God can move
when you work together!

We decided to use a mission we could relate to, 
we heard of  Good Life Ministries from Sam and Becca Gunti
who have been to our church to highlight their mission before.
In India, they host a VBS that draws twelve-thousand, 12,000 kids.

We had a short video to show the kids {and closing program} and it was very powerful,
God moved our kids for HIS mission...
on day we we collected $64.
We knew, though, if we challenged them we could send a lot of kids to VBS for $5 each in India.
We said, what if we send one kid to VBS for each of you here PLUS you take a friend.

Second day, we were blown away at the offering.
We were at over 1,000 dollars, meaning we were sending over 200 kids to VBS,
we were so proud of the kids, and then God did some multiplying
because at the end of VBS we were sending 400 kids to VBS
We weren't done...
Our generous pastors and elders agreed for the church to match our offering
meaning we are sending
over 800 kids to VBS in India. {from one little church in southern, in }
Impressed and humbled!  
And it all came thru this vintage wheel barrow.
 and the girls won the challenge this year, sparing me
from kissing a pig and Pastor Ed had to stand on his head
at the closing program!

We had a big emphasis on Bible Memory this year.
We were not sure how this would go over with the kids.
Explained it to them. Focused on it during Bible Challenge and put a promise of a reward with it
IF they said verses to their leader and joined their age group on stage at the closing program!
Pre K kids had 5 verses (shortened) from Psalm 23.
Randell was a crew leader and I caught him working with this guy during our last recess on Sunday,
and he got them!

Pastor Ed was very influential in helping our K-6 kids in learning their verses.
They were to say the entire Psalm 23.
What an influential verse to know from a young age.
Let me just say that on Sunday we were making and extra run to McDonald's for more gift cards {to add to their candy sacks}
because over 60% of our kids from PreK-8 learned their verses.
All of them 
recited them as we had asked.
Again, love when God works that way.
These kids did have fun, I saw the smiles and heard the shouts of joy and saw them come back,
but a lot of them also learned their verses, love that!
We invited parents/ family/ friend to join us at 5 on Sunday for our closing program
where we sang our favorite songs, enjoyed a slideshow of pictures, celebrated our offering,
and said our verses for those gathered. Then, we enjoyed a picnic, Barnyard style!

Pre K kids  saying their verses!
Elementary Kids saying their verses.
Proud of my two (cause this is my memory blog, lol)

And, of course, water balloons for closing, right?!?

Nephew Tyson was all smiles all weekend. He loves anything social.

And, finally, a glimpse of clean up.  
We did have a great crew for clean up!
We were home by 8:30 after teardown.
What a blessed weekend!