Psalm 23 Study!

The 7&8th grade group we had this year was great.
Stellar group of kids and we also had
a gifted, organized and driven leader that put
a lot of effort into her VBS sessions!

I'm partial to the sweet girl in pink, my Jaelyn!

The table was decorated with a neat sheep pasture scene
perfect for Psalm 23.
This group did a lot of bible study, worsheets,
class discussion on their own, joined us for opening/closing, meals, crafts
and they took some other scheduled breaks, too!

Creative notebooks

Herding white sheep (balloons)

Nephew Dryce prayed for our noon meal!

Alexis telling Kelci that I am taking their picture LOL
Love this big group of Jr High students!  So happy they wanted to attend and their parents made it important for them to be there.