Bardyard VBS 2016 Decor!

This morning we are heading to church
 to lead some sweet 85-90 kiddos
thru God's word
at Barnyard RoundUp VBS !

Just add kids, a little prayer..and a whole lotta Jesus!

We left in the middle for this guy, who had Lion Basketball Camp!
I found him like this on pick up!

I had this plan (in my mind, happens alot) for this chicken coop.
Thanks to DH for rescuing my poor coop with some construction, tee hee.

Ah, it's fuzzy, but this guy.
I'm telling you he was such a willing helper 
during decorating, hung in there until the end.
Wanted to make copies, hang posters, sharpen pencils, etc.
Love that.
Hope that we are teaching him to be a willing servant
when his time comes!