At Home Recharging!

Thursday looked like this on our calendar.
It was glorious.
Seriously soaked up every moment!
Began with a fried egg that Sam made me.
He has been making me an egg most mornings (summer has derailed us a bit, ha)
and he is so good at it!

The boys helped me pick up the "red room".
This is their go to space to relax, play, create and it was beginning to resemble that!
We wanted to make a space for the kids to sleep when our friends come to visit 
for 7 sleeps!

Joe showing off their lego collection.
I have to think my mom would be happy about the current use of her china cabinet.
It seems appropriate! And while the details of this day may seem boring and routine,
they are...and that is what I love.  Someday, Ill want to remember what we did at home
when my days seem quiet and our boys are out exploring and what I have left is a shelf of lego pieces (insert tears)

We organized a front closet and few kitchen cabinets and rotated laundry loads (you know that is always going around a busy home)
and then ate lunch at home with cousin Dryce (who DH drafted to come mow for us - for a little cash, of course, ran errands to wrap up VBS and 
the pool was calling our names!

We sent this the DH trying to get him to come home with us, but
alas he went to IL with his dad and grandpa to pick up a part and then hauled litter
so he got home later than normal, our plan backfired.
But, it did not detour us from soaking up some sunshine and relaxation!

And we belly laughed trying out this new game...
Wet Head Challenge.
It reminds me of the pie in the face challenge that was popular last winter.

I love how these pics capture their beautiful candid smiles.
Details of their sweet (still a boy) faces.
Love the memories these pics will evoke for many years to come.
I joined in and we LAUGHED at each other.
and I did not drop my phone in the water {wink}

And when we came inside (all of us because I floated in the pool an extra 1/2 hour or so)
I must brag on my sweet Joe, he had folded 2 loads of laundry and put them away to help me out.
What a sweet pair we are raising!