Final Bomber Weekend!

This was our final Bomber weekend of the season, Joe had some great fans this weekend.
Blake and Grandma made the trip to Dale to watch him yesterday and Grandma came back today.
That takes dedication because it was scorching hot.
We took tons of water, ice and Joe's beloved Frog Tog.
Our coaching staff also has the catcher rotate because that is such a hot spot,
and this weekend it was soooo dusty.
Joe's team went 2-0 yesterday, winning a thriller from a 3 run homer.
These boys change from coach pitch to pitching machine 40-42mph,
so they have to make adjustments.
Joe wants to love his big barrel bat, but he often hits better with his regular bat.
He had a couple of great hits this weekend.
He always asks where his hits go because that is how much he watches his coach and not the ball, 
rock solid fundamental!

Our catching gear is showing some age, but I think he looks tough.

And DH cracks up at this girl.  She makes him laugh,
he would rather watch her than the game *for a bit*

We came home a cooled off with friends Greg and Lela and kiddos,
enjoyed some cool DQ with them, too!

We were back this morning early for our morning game.
Love these two, won a great first game
so we MADE them relax in the shade.
Today didn't take as much as other weeks, they were willing
to stay out of the sun.

It was a full twenty degrees cooler in the shade today, for sure.

We lost in the semi finals to a great team River City Aces.
We had been 10-3 coming into this game, great end to a fun season!