Time with my guy

A couple of days ago, I was off work at 2 and headed to pick up Sam from
basketball when a text came thru that Joe wanted to stay at Grandma's to play with cousin Tyson.
So, what's a mom and boy to do?
Relax the day away in the pool.
Because, my awesome servant friend A went to my house and did my 
dishes for me before I got home, who does that?
I was so blown away and so very thankful
the afternoon to recharge set my attitude straight for the week!

Sam was pretty quiet when I picked him up from summer basketball camp,
but by the time we were floating in the pool {that was so cold we giggled like school girls}
he wanted to play a favorite...would you rather?
He's good at this game, Eat a Snail or Sleep with a Snake? Ick.
We played for ever and mama snuck some questions in...sneaky mom.  
We talked about 5th grade in the new school, his friends coming over on Thursday,
summer plans, Isa and Kai's visit, his new room this fall - and then we just floated around.
This one is very easy to relax with, he is comfortable just being, love that!
We sent this picture to DH, trying to make him jealous.
Oh, how I cherish these times.
They are nothing short of precious.

Next up, time with my boy.  Must find a day.  Ah...Monday should work, pics to come.