Love a Pool Full

Sam had his buddies over Thursday after basketball summer camp.
They were hot and ready to swim.
I love this group of boys.
They were very easy to hang out with by the pool
{as long as I was willing to retrieve and throw balls
and referee a smidgen}.

They played the color/sports/fruits/jobs/animals game
for a good long while.

I think the goal was to avoid getting tagged, but
 this group cracked me up...seemed like they wanted to be it.

Then, it was off for a game of capture the flag,
they played 2 rounds of this and that took awhile.

I seem to be getting their backs a lot, I am too slow, ha!

Sam was excited about his friends coming so he made blue velvet cupcakes with 
yellow icing.  They were gone in a flash along with an entire bag of cheese cornies.
I had pretzels left though, surprise.

And wrapped up with some whiffle ball

Unless you jump back in the pool for another round of the color game.

Love having a pool full!