Busy summer week!

And for our week so far...
Sunday night we spent at Grandma and Grandpas for Father's Day cookout,
but both families had been outside all day, so we spent much time inside, ha.
Seeing which grandkids can do backbends.

And, no matter how late, these puppies get their first soak
and spray when we get home.  Murphy's Oil soap is my last step when all else fails, so far they have come clean!

While we got ready for the week the boys finished the lego set
(and a neb treatment)

And I stayed up with Sam to let him watch his beloved Golden State
Warrior team (Steph Curry and Klay Thompson) in game 7 of the NBA Finals.  
The series was tied 3-3 with the Cleveland Cavaliers
and Lebron James.
Sam's team lost the game, but the show I got from his cheers as they battled was worth staying up for!

We did a little consoling and Sam was most upset that there would be no magazine or book that we could buy about the championship(we have those from last year, you know)...that was what he was most upset about it.  Love him and the way his mind works...

The sting of the loss was quickly replaced by his upcoming class at VUJC for video game design.
Big thanks to Grandma for driving him down this week, it has meant a lot to him!  He has smiled and given details and wants to teach Joe about what his has learned.

I snapped a picture outside work with his special new flash drive.

And this guy was at work with me one morning for a few minutes before he got picked up for summer tennis.

Monday night, we went to the Daviess Co Fair to support Cole's girlfriend,
she is the beauty in the coral dress.  She was so very beautiful and was full of confidence
as she ran for 4H fair queen.
She came away with People's Choice, Miss Congeniality, and 1st runner up.
What a great honor!

And, rerun...I feel like I already posted about mulch this year..
oh wait, I did.  DH did not like our first round.  Enough said,
this showed up in our driveway this week.
I thought the blue farm truck (with the dump bed) was broken down,
but I guess it had a trip to the mulch place in it. I spread this in the heat yesterday
afternoon and it caused me to be very grouchy.  It better find it's own way on.
I do mulch when it is not hot..it is hot.

Joe is enjoying baseball camp this week.
Love the summer programs our school has for the kids!

Joe's first picture at the high school baseball field, hope he continues to love this game!

And guess what else we are gearing up for...4H.
We kept our project simple this year because our friends will be here visiting the week of 4H this year!