Barnyard VBS Opening/Closing

Opening and Closing for VBS could be my favorite.
I love the energy when all the kids gather
and sing together.
In the beginning of the weekend, they are quieter and learning songs,
by the time picnic and program comes they shout the words 
to the songs, love that!
I added cute flower to that table on the "porch" 
but not sure I got a final pic of that!

I was tapped out for pew signs, so I printed letters/numbers for the crews
and VBS leader Becca decorated the pews with bandannas and rope,
thankful for our VBS committee this time, God put together a great team, no doubt!

These two gals were great this weekend!  They lead songs
and preschool time and brought a lot of energy and smiles, love that!

I breathed a small sigh of relief when the opening music came on and everyone was 
getting the VBS spirit!

Catching these smiles is also worth it!

And on the last session when Pastor Ed gets up to help lead songs because
"I am a C" is a favorite of his, love that!