means dear hubby

there is no official first meet up. we always knew of each other. we were in the same homeroom from kindergarten until 5th grade. walked the same school hallways until we were seniors. I had a crush on his best friend. made for good conversation with him, until one day...we both realized that crush might have been our own!


he is loyal. he took me to church, at the time I thought there might be better {cooler} places to be, but it was the beginning of something wonderful. he knew the bible. i wanted that for my kids. he farmed.
i heart farming. he was good at softball, i wanted to be. he knew my dad and he knew my mom, important to me and he helps keep them alive for me. and those eyes, one green one brown, very intriguing.

married at the new millinium.

Almost 10 years. I will never forget walking down the aisle to DH, him grabbing my hand, and knowing it was forever. those two kids loved each other. so glad we still do.


yep we argue. sometimes. when we do it is usually about projects. i want to do them. he does not. i do my best to pray for us and the end of each argument.


the quality I admire most about DH is his contentment. at times he is soooooo laid back. at times it drives me crazy. all the time I admire it and pursue it for myself.


the most difficult part of being married is loving. loving when you don't feel in love. when the other person doesn't treat you like in the movies, like the way my mom said it should be.


the complete best part of being married is doing life with my best friend. the one who loves me even if I want ice cream at 9:30pm.
we share children. i would not want to share them with anyone else.
prayer i have never prayed harder in life than for DH and our children.


grace. that is my advice for myself and anyone who is in a relationship. give grace freely and don't forget to soak in the small things.