Spring Break at Home

It is Spring Break around these parts!
We didn't make plans to leave town over break this year, but that didn't stop us from finding a few way to have some fun!

Sunday afternoon after Bombers practice we headed over to French Lick for some laser tag.
I might enjoy this as much as my boys.  DH came in first, and I came in last - boys in between.
I really felt like a boss when we were playing...my score showed other wise.  {Shakes Head}
NCAA games were playing while we waited, perfect for these boys.

Photo evidence, hahaha

DH's name was Tank, too funny.

He has been building an open concept vanity for Morgan, hoping to deliver it tonight it the weather holds - under spring storm warnings now.

Joe stayed at Grandma's a couple of nights this week and Sam chose to stay once, too.
Grandma braved all five grands at Skate Palace for bounce houses in the morning and skating in the afternoon.  I got this picture while at work.  It makes me laugh.

Spring means mowing and Sam was happy to begin mowing again!

And Joe has been working a model with Grandpa this week

Last night, friends Luke and Pax spent the night.  Where does the energy come from? Mama is lacking sleep today.

And today was the second day of 4H Science Camp.
Several stations were set up including 3D printing, robots, Hex bugs, Boat Challenge - they seemed to enjoy it!  Here was the leftovers at one station, mess is a good sign!
Tonight we are relaxing  -tired and happy boys.  Love that 


Sam's Incentive Breakfast

Sam was chosen by his teacher to be honored at incentive breakfast.
It is done 3 times throughout the year, so we were very proud of Sam for being chosen.
He was chosen due to his good character and hard work.  He has a positive attitude and his teacher wanted him to know.

His principal, Mrs. Wade read his certificate to him.  He was very proud.
We had breakfast with his teacher (who also taught Dan and I) and we enjoyed it very much.
Our schools have some many great programs going on to reward and encourage our kids.
Not every kid at this breakfast made straight A's, some were honored for their effort in not getting in trouble or being a helpful student.
I thoroughly enjoyed the quick and delicious breakfast!

Sam with his teacher, Mrs. Hart.  He has loved having her this year.
I asked if she was his favorite and in true Sam style he said...
I have had a lot of great teachers, mom.
Yes, we are blessed at Loogootee with awesome educators!

And a week later, these awesome certificates came home.
High Honor Roll and Perfect Attendance...so proud of our hard worker!!

Bomber Practices

I usually don't go along to Bomber Practice since Dan is a coach..
Wednesday nights is a late night for me so DH is on Bomber duty thru the week.

I was able to sneak into BP on a Friday night a couple weeks ago...

One of their trophy cubbies from last season...pretty neat!

And the view from the parents viewing window.
Joe was practicing pitching

Artsy Sunday Afternoon

We spent this Sunday afternoon inside being artsy!
Joe had a project due for school using a pizza and highlighting fractions.
We worked together using my craft supplies and punches from my scrapbooking days, much fun!

He had to create a KEY and also two questions about his project, fun.

He was proud of his pizza.

Sam was down the hall quietly working at his desk

They have been doing optical illusion art at school and he was practicing at home, it turned out cool!

March Days

Just some sights in our next of the woods...

Joe's buddy Declan came over afterschool one day and he brought a nerf gun from his backpack
that was bigger than him.  I was dying, they had so much fun!

Still a common sight around our house when they have a few hours to play as they wish...
either legos or "guys" pictured here...

Joe was so sweet one night that I snapped a picture of him as I headed to bed...

DH came in a few moments later and had taken a picture of him, too...
because he had his new Bombers bag beside him, haha.

NCAA tournament is in full swing and we had our favorite brackets all filled out ready to go!
My Butler Bulldogs made it pretty far, Go Dawgs!

Sam's latest choice at the library.

And making cupcakes after school

And a picture that DH snapped of his "HONEY" wagon - they are in the fields early this year
due to the mild winter.  It has made spreading fertilizer and easier job this year.
I assure you, it is just as smelly as ever...

Nerf Wars again...

I received this message from Joe one Saturday morning...
All I can do is laugh out loud.

And this is what I came out of my room to...

The nerf guns have suddenly taken over.

You can be greeted by this at any corner...
and yes, Joe has on clothes.