Thankful thru the Storm

And then came the news that we had begun to wonder about
after we saw the damage down our road.
The storm that swept thru had been a low grade tornado.
Still no official word as to why there wasn't no warnings at all...
It was explained that the tornado's tail was whipping back and forth
down our road and bringing much wind with it...
and this explained all the damage.

Clean up on Thursday afternoon had 2 helicopters flying overhead
and we wondered if they were assessing the damage.
The reports above came out on Friday.

We had a skid steer on loan that was a huge help and picking up the small brush.
The boys worked Thurs and Friday afterschool and all morning on Saturday.
They kept saying we had to take care of our property.

We were thankful for clear days albeit chilly, but we bundled up and braved the cold!

And the fire got a little hot when the white tank went on top...
I was certain the fire department was going to be called by someone passing by..
but alas we did not get any visitors.

I'll take a moment to brag on these two.  They worked hard around the yard after school and Saturday
picking up branches, yanking and pulling big limbs, and 'managing' the fire for dad.
I was very proud of them.  By Saturday mid day they were becoming distracted.

Friday,  Dan and his dad worked hard to clear more trees/limbs and also were able to help the neighbors.  Our neighbor may have suffered some of the worst damage.  He was away during the storm, but discovered that his foundation had lifted during the storm and isn't able to live there. 
He lost many large trees as well. When I got home Friday night, I could see two fires burning.
It was calm and clear the moon was shining bright and felt very peaceful.
And the Lions were winning the basketball game on the radio.

Uncle John called during the week and wanted to bring his saw.  He also brought his 4 wheeler and cart and his grandson and his two friends and my Aunt Cindy and her 2 grands...and then Will and Drew joined us and Aunt Peggy brought by a quick lunch and by 2 oclock, this place was in tip top shape.
AJ and his friends worked very hard around the big logs.  We lost some very large trees. 

And we had a causality of the fire.  Insert Sad Face...remember that hot fire,
the back of this tree was not solid and it actually burned from the bottom and fell into the fire
while were sleeping...that brought the total tree loss to 14.

Uncle John and his grandson AJ

I was very sad to lose this tree, one of my favorites as we drove up the driveway...

Very thankful for these cousins that worked so hard.

But also found some time to interject some laughter.

And I was thankful for my Aunt Cindy's help  - she is a worker now.
But, even more so, thankful for the bonding time with her, working together all morning = much time for catching up and chatting!

Ella and Joe good friends and cousins!

By afternoon it was sunny and 50 - just gorgeous for a little play
while the big guys finished the big logs.

We are left with so much gratitude.
Thankful for God's protection.
Thankful for brave boys thru the storm
Thankful for hard working husband and family from both sides who were not only willing,
but also knowledgeable of how to take trees down safely.
I did not dream that we would find out we had been thru a tornado and went ahead to work and school that day...but thankful that was God's plan because I can overreact otherwise. HA.
Some were left asking why we didn't have warnings from our storm apps, etc.
I was left thankful that God has us all under his wings and realize that
we cannot control everything and must rely fully on HIM>