9U Bombers

Joe is playing baseball for the Bases Loaded Bombers again this year.
They have been working together all winter practicing 1-2 times a week,
DH is helping coach.
We have not received one complaint about heading to practice every week.
He loves this sport. 

The seasonal officially started last weekend in Clarksville.
And these bomber boys were off to a great start.

Sunday between games Joe let me snap this picture of him,
his teammates were having fun with eye black.
They didn't realize they had made themselves look like kitty cats.

Back to Saturday afternoon, first game...he was pumped up and ready to play.

First at bat of the season.
Love him.
He works very hard at baseball, constantly running over plays/situations with dad.

And they won -grabbing the lead after being down 8-1,
the fans were proud!

Game two was at 6pm, I haven't mentioned just how cold this tournament was...
It was 40s and windy, Sam braved the first game snuggled by me, sat in the van for second game.
We had a great hotel near the park and enjoyed some time at a couple stores in the area.
It made a great family weekend.

DH is a loyal coach, keeping book and line up and encouraging boys from the dugout.

We were back at the field on Sunday morning at 8am.
There was frost on the fields and our breath floated in front of us as we cheered on our team.

They won the first game which landed them in the semi finals at 4pm.

And they fell in the semi finals...look at this score.
They worked so hard and everyone was so proud!
This team has so much promise.

Looking forward to the season!