Swingset Reveal!

This now stands where we once had
and it was all done in April.
We could not have asked for more!
We began when the fields were wet, but weather was nice.
That equals danger (of finishing a project) in farm country.
The fields dried off and it was time to plant.
So grandpa planted, and still had time to finish our swing set.
Grandma and Grandpa have wanted to put up a swing set for Sam and Joe.
They told us to find it, so internet searches began.
We couldn't find exactly what we wanted.
I had the idea in my mind, and some rough sketches
gave them to grandpa
and he came up with this!
It took some work to get there,
but it is all Sam talked about for days
so memories were made.

Precious smiles are the result!

Thank you grandma and grandpa (and daddy) for building Sam and Joe
a swingset.  Thank you for showing them how to work together along the way!


No Pink Flowers

What a great day and we filled it with flowers,
we planted flowers all day.  All kinds of flowers, many colors.
And and the end of the day all Sam could say was
they are go to be so big, and pink.
Ummm, come to think of it, none of them are pink.
How'd that happen, I can't say and I certainly did not tell Sam.
We took all of these

and found them a home at our home

we gave them plenty of water

or so I thought as I came inside to do laundry.  Finishing a load,
I saw this

and when he was done, several trips later.
I caught this smile.
He was proud.

and so was I.


Tuesday Times!

Today has been a full day.
It is 4:11, still more to go!
We began the day by walking with Sam and Drew to see the big school.
While Sam doesn't go to school until next year, it is still a reminder that it is not far off!
Sam and Drew were partners all day.  We made it back just in time for the spinkles of rain to fall!
And then we made a mad dashing trip to Vincennes to pick up the slide for the swing-set!
Back home to make pretzels for Discovery Club snacks tomorrow night
I had lots of help when our stack was like this
But as it grew to this
my help was playing trains
Off the plant those precious flowers (the rain has let up)
Then to watch a tennis match and Blake's softball game.
Finish up with Tri Kappa tonight.

Pfew, and to think that I used to work every Tuesday, good thing it is every other now!

Lucille's Life

I was fortunate to go to an auction on Saturday.
I was able to pick up a few treasures to remember Aunt Lucille.
She was not my aunt, she was my dad's aunt, but even so she seemed closer than that.
Lucille was a lady with treasures galore,
items from a life (99 years) spent on a small farm place.
As family memebers and strangers gathered it was fun to imagine life at that farm house,
where she might have worn this broch
or these necklaces
Really, I know.  Along with some beautiful jewerly was her collection of hats
suitable for the small Catholic church in Whitfield, IN.
I wonder if she filled these jars with candy.
I think they are perfect for my pharmacy collection.
and there is a beautiful black pedestal table, that I am saving for a bigger post.
But my favorite find of the day was these
Some of her flowers, perhaps her greatest Earthly treasure.
Just waiting to be planted.
I will be glad to have an everlasting reminder of Lucille each spring.

Sam's seashells

Today is a smooth white seashell, hold it close and listen to the beauty of the hours. Anon

While on the beach I watched Sam as he peacefully sat in the midst of a group of shells. 
He was amazed by each one. 
He talked about each one
and long after the rest of us had lost interest in this group of shells,
he remained. 
He carefull chose a broken shell,
reaching far if he needed to,
washed it clean,
and placed it in his pile.
Isn't there much to learn from a child that comes from the heart of our God?


Alabama Sunset

I have had lots of help the past 2 weeks turning this
into this
I love how the plants decided to bloom just for the pics!
And we turned this
into this
All the landscaping was there, but DH has been pulling a lot of old out.
I think we are going to keep this 'barren' look for awhile.
Hoping it is easier to maintain.
We love the look of mulch, but decided to add some rock.

Alabama Sunsetthat is...I love it, pieces just shimmer!
Did I mention I had a lot of help?
Yep, that kind of help.  From my ever-helpful sweetie, Joe.
Its under there, mama.  What's the problem?
And this kind of help...
from my budding artist Sam.

Sweet Possibility

Every child born into the world is a new thought of God, an ever fresh and radiant possibility

I love dreaming of the sweet possibilites ahead of you dear Joseph.  I love you, mama.


Park Playdate!

April weather here in the Midwest has been PERFECT!
We have done our best to enjoy it and complete some projects, too!
We headed to the park the other day and on our way we ran into this cousin...COLE!
I made sure he wasn't playin hooky, nope just a lunch treat with buddies.
Then I had the pleasure of keeping 2 extra little sweeties for the day so we spent some time just a swinging with cousin, DREW.
and the sweeties...
B and K
and Mr. Smiley
and while we were at the park we saw this cousin, too!
Lots of fun for all~