Bucket of Fish

Grandpa took his boys fishing today in the pond next door.
He said he didn't put his pole in the water.
I am not surprised,
but he said that was okay.
They came home with a bucket of fish
and a lifetime of memories.

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He is Risen Tomb

We made our tomb on the Saturday before Easter.
I should share it because it has brought a lot of questions from the boys.
They really got the message from Easter this year.

Pin ItHow lucky we are that He indeed is RISEN.
So much to be thankful for.


Sam's Pizza Burger

Tonight we made some pizza burgers.
Sam asked to make something with burger tonight.
He made a menu
We used biscuits since we didn't have buns at home

He made them one at a time instead of layering each step, he is so systematic
it was much more about the process of cooking then the final  result.
Love him.


They were delicious, we are waiting on Joe and DH to come home from the farm to try them.
Fun time with my boy,
who decided tonight that he will be a cook when he grows up,
he would like to have his own truck (with food in it, I assume)

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Easter Sunday Fishing

Sunday DH's fishing partner had to cancel on him
And he was sad, but my plan included convincing him that we should be his
fishing buddies for the day.
It took some convincing since the last time we made this attempt
I had some extreme anxiety hit me about the boys being in the boat
and so on and so on.  It was ridiculous.
I would have been better off in the water that day, ha~
Sunday was a hit though.
The boys are a little older
I was a little braver
DH was a little more patient with my deep inhales when the boat rocked a
little much for comfort!

Everyone needs a bait vending machine, right!
Genius, where else would we get worms on Easter day
(ok besides digging them up ourselves, which is a lesson for the boys another day)

The fishing ground DH prefers is a little hike away so the
boys took a much needed after sunrise service nap on the way

We had a lot of luck Sam caught 3 right away and Joe eventually caught up
DH found a couple bass, but mostly we caught bluegill and crappie

Sam was in his element.  It was a little slow on the action for Joe


I even backed the trailer into the water to retrieve this cute crew.
It may have helped that the weather was PERFECT.  Sun shining breeze blowing,
 great family afternoon.
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Walker Easter 2014

Every year it is fun to see our kids with our cousins kids.  It doesn't get any better.
Today our entertainment  was Miss Morgan, ha.
This photo cracks me up.  I have no idea how she got up there and all the other kids stayed lined up.

Adorable!  Talented cousin Jess.

It was a perfect day.  Dry and sunshine! It is honestly the first nice Easter I can remember since Joe has been home!

Aunt Cindy worked hard on decorations, they were so pretty and
perfect for celebrating our RISEN SAVIOR!!

My Aunt Becky (my godmother) and her cutie pie grandson Trey,
he wanted me to take his picture.

We have hunted eggs in this spot for years and years.  Same spot that I hunted when I was a child.
And somehow those Easter Lilies are in bloom every year.


My Aunt Polly fills the eggs and brings extra special gift for the kids.
This year it was kites and bubbles. Love that.

LOVE this photo!

Mo and Blake and Chris
On Saturday there were about 2 tulips in bloom, for Easter Sunday they all came out!

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