Sending Andre a Hug

Our cousin Andre is so special to us.
You can read his story here:
We love playing outside with him swimming, playing swords or just hanging out.  We also love playing video games, since he has been sick we have sure been missing him!
We decided to send him a big hug!!!
Of course I saw the original idea on pinterest.

 We started with contact paper.  I needed something large a sturdy, worked great
 If you are a perfectionist, this may not be the craft for you.
We wanted two sided one for each boy.
We lined up the paper and pulled off the back
but it didn't line up perfect and there were some bubbles, but oh well.
We trimmed off the mismatched edges and moved on!
Traced the boys and realized that Sam was WAY bigger that the long paper I thought I had cut!

Mama traced in black and then we all helped color each boy,
they chose clothing colors and designs.

 Sam wrote a special message and drew some minecraft pieces for him
We rolled it up and sent it home with this grandma to give to him.
He got sick and headed to Riley that night but he came home earlier this week.
Today we saw him in church, Joe waved and waved until he got his attention.
We love you Andre Gregory, we are praying and cheering for you!!!!

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