Some random phone pics!
Last night we were at Joe's game and it was on delay due to lightening.
This was about 2 seconds before it poured down rain,
we had umbrellas but were soaked by the time we got to the car anyway!
Should have taken a selfie then, ha!

Love love love this picture of Antigua that Sam drew at school.
Guatemala has been on his mind, is close to his heart

This peony bush is finally blooming after a few years.
I am so happy, I transplanted it from my great Aunt Lucille's house.

We went to see Mo at her work, she makes good ice cream.

And I've been working on some VBS decor, it is coming right up!!

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Matthew 5:16

Aunt Christine organizes a great day every year in our community.
It is based on Matthew 5:16 and is held a Saturday in May around the 16th.
Tons of good deeds are accomplished, flowers planted, cars washed, dogs walked, visits to seniors, painting projects.
This year I worked but the boys went with cousins, they planted flowers and walked dogs at the humane society!
 My brother and nephew hanging the banner.
It has now spread to our neighbor town, Shoals.
Great, great day!!!
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I was albe to go on Sam's field trip to Wonderlab.
They had a blast, parents had a great time too.

We had been before, but it has been awhile.
New exhibits and time with friends was a great combination, he talked about it for days.

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Joe is a Turkey

Joe had his kindergarten program on Tuesday, too.
It was the sweetest.
His teacher asked me if he would be the turkey and I said sure!!
 He rocked his speaking part and pointed out to Mrs. Kidwell that another student wasn't at the mic
for his part (yep, in front of everyone)

And he rocked the turkey, his feathers were big and would graze some kids as he walked by, you could see them inch up so that he would definitely hit them on the next trip around, so so cute!

 The song was Alberquere Turkey, cutest little song, and the family at Pizza instead of the turkey.
 This was Joe's favorite song, he sang it for weeks before
I Proud to be and American. Perfect leading us into Memorial Day!
So thankful for our freedoms! 
We learned some things in anticipation of Joe's program.
1. I won't sign him up for a part without asking.
2. He told me he had stagefright, but it disappeared when he was on stage
3.  We had a teaching moment about why all the kids were laughing at him as the turkey.DID NOT like it at all, this from my kid who loves to make people laugh.  
4. We said a simple prayer that God would make Joe feel better about being the turkey
5. When the time came he rocked the turkey part, and it was a sweet lesson for him on answered prayer.
6.  He told me his made my mama feathers were the best (smile)

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Grandma's Patch

We headed to Grandma's Strawberry Patch on Tuesday after school.
We think she has one of the best patches around.
They are red ripe sweet and super juicy!

 Blooms mean more to come

What a sweet start to a super summer!
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Thoughtful Cole!

Since I was bragging on my nieces, I should brag on my nephew too!
My sweet thoughtful Cole brought me this ol' barn door a couple months ago.
He was helping clean up a barn that had blown down in severe weather.
He brought me two or three treasures from it, including this door.
He was thinking our our basement when he brought it, and i will end up there,
but I could not resist putting it to use in the mean time!

Perfect back drop for the little potted treat I bough my self
at the nursery

 Pics of the boys helping me get the gate ready.  It was a sunny but chilly day around Easter.

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Our Favorite 19 and 21 Year Old

We celebrated our favorite 19 year old

and our favorite 21 year old

this weekend.  Love these girls to pieces.

So glad we get to be a close part of seeing their lives come together.
If their plans continue, they will both graduate college this year.

I love how they love our boys, look forward to our family vacation in LESS THAN 2 WEEKS< YAH!!


St. Louis Cards

We spent the day at the Red Bird Stadium

Fluffy, Fluffsters, Rally and JoJo monkey
were ready for adventure!

This boy was wound up at lunch, even came up with this line.
As we were finishing lunch...
Waiter: Can I take anything from the table from you?
Joe: (pointing at me) Her...
Waiter: Speechless, laughing said buddy that is the line of the day!

The boys got their own bats at the gate

He is ALWAYS making something, this was his creation on our way home.

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