Snowman Family

Today brought a much needed day off, and while I should (could) have
caught up on blogging. I chose to have fun with the boys and a sweet
friend for the day Miss MonteLee.
We made one of these sweet snowman shadowboxes.
Seriously, a favorite craft so far...
I heard about it here and the tutorial is great.
And just knowing that I could surely find something at home to make this craft work...
I did not buy a thing.
I had found these sweet (needing a new life) pics 2/1.00 on summer clearance.
So a little injury (see it?) later, they were pryed open and shells popped off...

And then the fun part - questions from the kids...
We are cutting the gloves?
Can I pick the scarf?
Can we wear the same scarf?
Can I have a hat?
An orange nose?

Ours is a little variation on the original, but that is
what crafting is all about.
And so for less than one dollar, we have a new
look on our already DIY wall...

And we decorated today for a certain someone's
5th birthday party.
Someone here is five?
Yes, sounds like another post!

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Sonya said...

Very Cute!! Looks fun too:)