March Came in Like a Lion.

Tuesday night we went to bed knowing it could be a night of severe weather.
The warm weather we had in February this year left March coming in like a Lion.
I was awake at 11:30p and 12:30a when these warnings came out.
They were pretty far south of us and their was a tornado touched down...but
we were out of the that path.  Drifted off to sleep when
we were awakened to a very strong storm about 5 am.
No warning.  Not even a thunderstorm warning...
Immediately, Dan said to get the boys to the basement, but
we had to reassess the plan, it was too close for that
so we huddled in the bathroom.
Bless Sam's heart,(as his knees were knocking) - I'm not scared mom,
I'm just cold.  I agreed, told him I was too. 
We spent a short moment in prayer, it was hard to concentrate, but God hears those prayers, too.
We were up for the morning at that point!

It was a rainy/foggy morning and we were out of power.
As the sun came up, we could tell we had some tree damage.  No damage to the house
and for that we have been very thankful.  School was on a 2 hour delay due to down trees and power issues, so I headed off the work.  Dan called me later and said we had quite a bit of damage
and our neighbors had lost a farm equipment shed and grain leg. 

This was all I could see when we left...

But, then these pics started coming...boo.

The next three pics at our neighbors, we didn't have anything other than trees, thankfully!

This is our neighbors grain leg that came down. 

By the time I could take some pics on Thurs, DH and his dad were several hours into the clean up.
Very thankful for their hard work. 

This tree had us wondering if there wasn't something more than a strong thunderstorm.
But, we didn't have any other word.

A line of pine trees by the road were all uprooted. And I told Grandma that we may have to add curtains on the house now. LOL.

As we assessed the damage, we became very thankful of God's protection of us and our home.
We were sad to see our trees go, but we can replace those!