Well deserved Smile😀

This boy had two awesome plays at second base tonight. 
Two batters in a row, he fielded the ball and threw the runner out at first. 
He's 10, and in this competitive sports arena-that is not considered an impressive feat.
 But,today, for us it was! 
I was so proud of him kinda did a little silent mom fist pump😂. 
He doesn't love baseball, 
frankly. he gives what I might term a lackluster effort into the game...
However, he has never once complained about going to practice or a game. 
So we saddle up and attend. 
We become a teammate! 
We learn how to interact with friends, encourage fellow players, 
and follow and respect our coaches' instructions and decisions. 
And, tonight, we fielded the ball like an MLB player...
meaning, we picked up some baseball skills this year, too! 
Son, I could tell you were proud of yourself tonight-job well done.
You deserved that smile you walked off the field with!