Last week of school 2nd and 4th!

Bear with me as we rewind to the last week of school!
I had it queued up in my phone, but it didn't upload (winky face)
too important to skip it!
Monday morning we had 3 days to go...in the home stretch.
The boys were ready for school because it was field day!
They had some exciting things to look forward to...
Joe had bouncy houses and Sam had relay races on the track and a whiffle ball tourney.
Best part? Grandma Jean was signed up to help with Sam's grade!
She said she had a great time, too!

We also had games baseball games every night this week -sometimes two games.

And Tuesday morning, we were all in for a giant surprise
...the principal
dressed up on the roof!?!  
The students had met their A/R reading goal, she promised to dress up like Effie Trinket from
Hunger Games, and she delivered in a big way!
What a great way to keep a promise.
She has brought some great energy and programs to the school, we are very thankful for her!

And, finally, the last day of school!
I traded work shifts so I could be at the boys' award programs,
another first for elementary school!
But, first, last day of school breakfast!
Today was crescent rolls and bananas.
Sam's last day at Elementary School,
he moves to Intermediate School next year, actually connected 
to the High School...be still mama heart.
He says he is ready. I'll be confident for him, too!

Joe's plate said, moving on down to the basement!
3rd and 4th grade are downstairs at the elementary!

From 1st to last day of 2nd and 4th grade!

And onto awards ceremony, Grandma Jean and I were there!
Joe was up first K-2.
Joe received High Honor Roll and Student of the Month (Enthusiasm)!

Waiting on Sam's turn, I found our Senior Band Award {DH and I were both in band}

And it was 3rd/4th grade's turn.

Sam received Spellbowl, Student of the Month (Fitness/Skill), Outstanding Attendance,
and Honors all years of Elementary!

And Cousin Drew got several awards, too
Citizenship Award!!! Givin to 1 girl and 1 boy in the 4th grade class...
way to go big Drew!
Last day of school at Loogootee Elementary West.
He was able to leave with me after his program.
Thought we would eat lunch before I headed to work,
but friends came along and he went home with them instead!
Joe stayed at school because his teacher was giving away things from the classroom, tee hee.

Sam had such a good year, things really clicked for him this year.
His grades came much easier this year,
Mrs. Jones said he matured this year, and I agree, but I also
think she really brought the best out in him!
We received some very nice compliments of Joe man, from Mrs. Smith
I didn't take time to take a pic of his grade card {All A's}
If we all approached life/assignments/friends like Joe
the world would be a better place.

So proud of our boys.

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Blake Callahan said...

I love your boys! They are amazing people!