3rd grade Wax Museum!

3rd grade wax museum @ Loogootee Elementary!
This was by far one of my favorite things during Elementary school!
These kids did so very good!
They all chose 3 picks who they would like to portray
chossing from famous peoply with ties to Indiana.
Sam chose Larry Bird, Eli Lilly or John Wooden
he was given John Wooden.
He did research on him and wrote a paragraph of 5 or 6 sentences.
He memorized the paragraph, chose his costume and his wax museum "pose".
They had red circle on the floor in front of them for their buttons.
They were to remain quiet until their button was tapped on,
it was very professional!

Isaac was Oscar Robinson, his wig (the best)

John Wooden was most famous as coach for UCLA,
not sure what happened with Sam's tie.  
They all got dressed themselves and I thinke he thought
it was right?
We parents decided it was during an intense game, looked about right...LOL.

Luke was Larry Bird, he wore Sam's jersery..
did a great job!

Cousin Drew was Colonel Sanders, KFC chicken
His costume was on point, way to go Grandma Janice

Reis, Another Oscar Robinson!

Connor, KFC man!  These were in different homerooms...

Leighton as Oscar

And Brandon as Tommy John!!

DH and I really enjoyed this assignment for the kids, as they did too!
It showed their individual personalities, they were all very impressive!