Charm for the Closet!

Simply, so that I can remember what I did during those winter days
when my boys were at school.
Maybe in the future I will think I sat and watched soap operas all day. Ha.
My closet had begun to look like this.
It needed some help.

I found some treasures along the way.
I have this note tucked in my morning mirror now.
Love it.

And this gem from our honeymoon in 2000.
It had begun to discolor, so I decided to clip the logo 
and let it go.  

Along the way, the bed looked like this

But, I collected these!
And the end result is so much better.
I have also been able to maintain it
with little effort!  Love that.
My tank tops are rolled in the wire basket
and tights/hosiery in the hanging bag.
I didn't buy any hangers, but I did switch to all white/clear.

And I wanted something like this for my shoes

Just so happened DH was at an antique sale the following day
and he picked me up these gems!

And I mentioned he made me this one.

They turned out perfect~
the crates actually have a false bottom that was replaced before
we bought them, it matches the wall color perfectly.

The end result has been great, easy to maintain.
This is a walk thru area before our master bathroom.
Our home remodel worked out best that way, but I don't have a door to close on it.
My motivation is that I love the way it looks when we pass thru!
The flip flop tote on top is my favorite because I can see my choices and just pop
them back in when done wearing!

I added a second basket (these are old deep freezer baskets that I had found at a thrift store
several months ago and was holding for a perfect use).  I put my scarves
in this basket.