Bomber Champs!

I started very.slow.today.
I thought I would be on the struggle bus for this game.
But, DH was farming and he also isn't feeling the best..
so time to be a mama!
We stopped and got some food 
(not Whole 30, needed carbs and sprite..excuse me while a cheat a bit, 
meat and veges were not going to do it this morning,ha)
And as the day went on, I FELT BETTER, sweet!
At one point, I texted Dan and said
I could not tell if it was hot or I had a fever
and he said it is hot and you have a fever, ha.

This was a pick up tourney, the one we were to play in was 
cancelled. So there were 2 teams, but our boys won both games,
played very good today.
We played our 7U team in the second game, uniforms were the same,ha!

My catcher, he threw a batter out at first today, proud of that!

Sam was really proud of Joe today, he wanted to go on the field for pictures
and he took these...haha.  I'm teaching him right.

With Coach Schoonover, he is learning a lot from him!
And a mama found these trophies in the closet at her work..so we came home with hardware.