Space Jam Mini Float

Sam had a fun project for 4th grade...create a mini float the Indy 500 parade with a cartoon theme!
He came home with a paper plan of what his float would look like and what materials we would use!
He wanted a basketball floor, with the players from the movie...especially Michael Jordan.

In our trusty basement craft corner with horrible lighting, needs to be a project we fix soon!

This child has an engineer mind, unlike mine, he made his float
on top of a John Deere Farm Wagon...he said duct tape will hold it on..
and so it did.

We used foam core board covered with wood grain contact paper..
I don't even know why I had that in my stash?

And printed some space jam pics out from the internet,
adhered one to the basketball floor for center circle with modge podge
and glued the others to popsicle sticks and stuck them thru the board.

He drew the free throw marks on each end,
we used foil tissue paper taped on the sides
and some silver stars, too.

He said we could make the goal from a straw, and we did!
We needed a circle ring (milk jug) and the backboard...a piece of cardboard.
He has some skilled fingers this go around...his gluing and cutting skills have improved since our last project together.
He was most excited about the A he received from his teacher.  
4th grade year is winding down...cue the excitement as he changes
school next year.  He is ready, no nerves just hopes he gets a locker
with a combination!!!

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