Trunk or Treat

Our church sponsored a Trunk or Treat on  Wednesday night.
It is a great way to let the kids collect some treats
introduce some solid bible stories.
Members were encouraged to pick a theme for their "trunk"
then open up their trunk to tell a short bible story and of course at the end of the story the kids get some treats.

The first theme was Heaven.
Our small group depicted the empty tomb.
The van door acted as the rolling stone and we let the kids crawl through the tomb (van) to show that Jesus was risen

The Fiery Furnace

The Birth of Jesus

The Creation Story


Noah's Ark (Youth Group).
The door opend on the Arc and the kids could go inside!

The young ruler

Daniel and the Lions Den (Youth Group, too)
and the last one was Lazarus.

They were great themes and a better way the celebrate the holiday.


Chelsa said...

awesome! sad we can never make it to activities in the evenings... we live so far and the boys go to bed so early it just doesn't work.

sherri said...

What a cool idea! I've heard the term "trunk or treat", but never knew what it meant. Very creative.